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Skillings House
Howth Road
Raheny, Dublin
Dublin 5

About Prihoda Ireland Ltd

Prihoda Ireland Ltd is the sole Irish distributor of Prihoda Fabric Duct & Diffusers. We design and supply fabric ducting systems throughout the country, offering fast quotation turnaround with detailed drawings and air flow graphics so that our customers have the confidence to know exactly what they are specifying and buying. With over 20 years Fabric Ducting design, project experience and more than a thousand systems already operating in the UK and Ireland, we have a fully accomplished team to deal with any sized project.

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We are proud to be a part of the global Prihoda team.

Constantly innovative, the technical teams at Prihoda s.r.o. have many ‘Firsts’ to their name, including…
  • Micro-perforation air diffusion (directional low velocity air delivery)
  • Endless fibres fabrics instead of staple fibres (no fibre shedding)
  • Negative pressure ducting and diffusers (fabric extract ducting)
  • Square shape fabric ducting, as a standard catalogue product
  • Adjustable pieces (straight lengths and bends)
  • 100% fabric nozzles, with the same material properties as the ducting
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Design and Supply of Fabric Ducting Systems

At Prihoda, we understand air temperature and movement. We design every system from scratch – there is no stock, all systems are bespoke and designed specifically for that application. The aesthetics, diameter, length, air pattern, everything is designed to produce the air flow profiles demanded by that application. We produce comprehensive drawings and air flow graphics including REVIT and CAD drawings.

Truly the only ducting system designed and manufactured from scratch to suit every specific project.

Why fabric ducts?

Prihoda fabric ducts are:
  • Tailormade to perfectly address your requirements
  • Aesthetic
  • Suitable for cleanrooms and food industry
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Affordable
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low maintenance
There are lots of different ways to hang Prihoda Fabric Ducting. For example, sometimes a single rail will suffice, but maybe there's lighting below and when the duct collapses flat (when there is no air in it) it needs to avoid the lights, in which case you may want two rails - so that the top collapses into the bottom (or you might choose just a single rail but put rings in the duct). In any event, there are many and various ways of hanging Fabric Ducts to achieve an installation type required by the demands of the project.
All ducts need cleaning eventually. Fabric ducting can be cleaned at low temperatures in a washing machine.


Prihoda are renowned for our specialised textile ventilation ducting systems, installing fabric ducting and diffusers and air socks in premises all over Ireland for optimum air flow!
Most of our systems simultaneously transport and diffuse the air into the room, essentially acting as ducts and diffusers in one system. We also offer negative pressure fabric ducting for extract or return air, as well as air transfer ducting for air transport applications.
We design…

1/ Positive pressure fabric diffusers
The supply air enters the diffuser through an inlet and exits through:
  • microperforations (0.2mm to 0.4mm)
  • laser-cut perforations (starting at 3mm diameter)
  • fabric nozzles
  • an adapter/outlet spigot leading to another system/area
  • an outlet end leading to another system/area
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We can use a combination of diffuser types to design the perfect air pattern for your application.

2/ Negative pressure ducting
Ideal for extract and return air applications. The air enters through perforations on the surface of the ducting and is carried through an outlet into the rest of the ducting system. These systems use a lightweight external structure to maintain the shape of the fabric ducting in negative pressure.

3/ Air transfer ducting
Ducting made from impermeable fabric or insulated ducting transports air to the destination without diffusion. We have the technical ability to design and manufacture branches, bends and other fittings for any situation.

There are lots of options and considerations.
For any queries or for an informal chat about your requirements, please contact us.



Clarity Pharma: Prihoda supplies pharmaceutical distributor with bespoke fabric ducts

The Company

Clarity Pharma is an award-winning distributor of medical and pharmaceutical devices in the UK and Europe. They provide storage and logistic services to many healthcare facilities, including pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. With over two decades of experience, they are trusted by numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide access to essential medicines to patients in Europe and the UK. This vital work wouldn’t be possible without the use of state-of-the-art logistics resources and facilities.
Clarity Pharma recently acquired a new warehouse to support these critical operations. The stock that would be stored in the new warehouse would be very sensitive to temperature fluctuation. As a result, the ventilation system would need to be carefully planned to ensure that the correct temperature could be achieved throughout the space. This would be challenging because of the combination of very high ceilings and very tall storage racks, which can often block the flow of air to the lower levels, especially when heating.

Our Approach

Working with 361 Degrees contractors, Prihoda supplied five tailormade straight fabric ducts and one branched duct to cover the entire area as evenly as possible. Each duct was made of airtight woven material so that all the air would be released through the nozzles. These were arranged into rows designed to direct air between the racks and throughout the open area.
A beat absorber was also fitted on the end of each duct to prevent a forceful inflation, ensuring a gentle and soft start. On Clarity Pharma’s request, we expedited the project by delivering the tracks before the ducts were ready. With the tracks installed, the ducts could simply be slid into place.

The Outcome

Feedback on the ventilation of the warehouse has been very positive. With the new fabric ducts, the warehouse has uniform air distribution even near the tall racks, with no regions of stagnant air. The temperature can be set precisely, without risking hot or cold spots which could affect the shelf life of the pharmaceutical stock. And there is no need to worry about dust and dirty air. The fabric ducting material is made using endless fibres. This means no fibres are shed into the warehouse, in accordance with Prihoda’s ISO 4 cleanroom certification. Any soiling that does occur can be washed away in a washing machine.

To speak with our team about how we can help your business, please call us on +353 1 961 0031, or email us at
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