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Chris Schwanke
Clondrinagh Industrial Estate
Ennis Rd

About Green Zone Products

Green Zone Products, is an Atlas certified systems suppliers for external wall insulation in the Republic of Ireland. Green Zone Products is a full service external wall insulation provider.

We train contractors on the installation of external wall insulation, monitor job performance and warranty projects. Green Zone Products supports SEAI approved installers throughout the country.

Distributors Of Atlas Products
We use Atlas Products which we import in both raw material and pre-packaged form. The Polish company produces an External Thermal Insulation Composite System "ETICS" with render coatings. Atlas is sold under the AVAL brand name in Great Britain and Ireland.

Our Staff
Our staff are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. They are trained in sales, product support and project design. We have drivers to ensure products are delivered to the site quickly and efficiently for your convenience and assurance of services.

Green Zone Products
We stock the full range of Aval products for the Aval external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS),
and also stock various sizes of expanded polystyrene and ancillary insulation products.

Tile Adhesives and Grout
We stock a range of flexible tile adhesives, various colours of grout and leveling compounds.
  • Atlas Plus, Aval KM-17 - grey, flexible, tile adhesive
  • Atlas Plus White, Aval KM-15 - flexible tile adhesive
  • Atlas Plus Mega White - flexible tile adhesive - large stone or tiles
  • Atlas Plus Express - grey, flexible, rapid setting, tile adhesive
  • Atlas SAM 55 - fast setting, self-levelling, surface finish
  • Atlas SAM 100, Aval KN-10 - self-levelling, surface finish
  • Atlas SAM 150 - fast setting, self-levelling, rough floor
  • Atlas SAM 200 - self-levelling, surface finish
  • Postar 80 - fast setting, fast drying, cememt-based floor
  • Woder E, Aval KL-51 - tanking system, water tight, flexible foil
  • Woder Duo - two-compenent, water tight insulation
  • Atlas Artis - highly flexible, fine aggregate
  • Tools - Cotton Wall - various plaster, paint and insulation tools
  • Tile Backer Boards - atlas XPS panel with bonded cement coating
Paints, Renders & External Insulation Products
We stock the full range of Aval products for the Aval external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), and also stock various sizes of expanded polystyrene and ancillary insulation products.
  • Atlas Hoter S, Aval KT-53 - adhesive-polystyrene & mortar for eps,xps
  • Atlas Hoter U, Aval KT-55 - adhesive-basecoat & mortar for eps,xps
  • Atlas Roker 20, Aval KT-190 - adhesive for mineral wool & mortar
  • Kore Platinum eps 70 - insulation-polystyrene, graphite enhanced
  • Kore HD-200 0 insulation-polystyrene, ultra HD
  • Atlas Fasada Grafit - insulation-polystyrene, graphite enhanced
  • Atlas Salta, Aval KT-46 - paint, facade paint, modified silcone
  • Atlas Salta E, Aval Salta E - facade acrylic paint
  • Atlas Uni-grunt, Aval KT-17 - primer-substrate primer
  • Atlas Uni-grunt Plus, Aval KN-97 - primer-deep penetrating emulsion
  • Atlas Cerplast, Aval KT-16 - primer-priming mass for renders
  • Atlas Silkon ANX, Aval KT-76 - priming mass for silicone renders
  • Reinforcing Mesh - mesh-glass fibre mesh, 50 linear meters
  • Atlas Acrylic Render, Aval KT-60 - render-thin coat acrylic
  • Atlas Silicone Render, Aval KT-74 - render-thin coat silicone
  • Atlas Deko M, Aval KT-77 - render-thin coat mosaic acrylic
  • Atlas Cermit, Aval KT-137 - render-mineral render, thin coat acrylic
  • Facade Trims, Beads - beads with mesh, corner, window
Eco-Oversill & Associated Products
Eco-Oversill is a superior over sill product with the capability to combine functionality with aesthetics using a particular polymer resin that gives a Category 1 impact resistance, while the high density polystyrene base eliminates cold bridging.

* ECO-OVERSILL - External Wall Oversill
Product Number: Type 1: EC-75
Size: 2.4m length x 29 cm deep, plus projected overhang.
Pre-primed and ready to be painted.

Product Number: Aval Kt-53, Atlas Hoter S

* POLYMER SEALANT specifically for use with Eco-Oversill
Product Number: Quilosa MS-35



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