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Mother Of All Props

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Martin Heaton
Unit 2
Old Barn Farm
Walton On Trent
County Swaldincote
DE12 8LR

About Mother Of All Props

Mother Of All Props (M.O.A.P) along with M.O.A.P MATE make sites safer and more productive!

From the creators of Propmate, M.O.A.P is an extra heavy duty size 1 acrow prop that enables M.O.A.P MATE to support two skins of bricks (300mm support) with a combined 500kg safe working load. A full 47% increase in SWL over standard masonry supports is possible because we build the Mother Of All Props bigger, stronger, and heavier (approximately 5kg heavier, in fact) than most standard British Standard acrow props, as well as having a 76mm outer diameter tube, 26% bigger than standard 60mm props.

We are one of the UK's largest suppliers of acrow props to trade and domestic customers. Order direct from us and get:
  • Reliable, superior props manufactured with a Solid, Single Piece Outer Tube
  • No Stock Replenishment Delays - High Stock Levels Year Round
  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Nationwide Delivery
How It Works
Masonry supports such as the Propmate are all generally heavy duty and do a great job; but there’s just one problem: they can’t safely support two skins of bricks.

So why not just make a longer reaching masonry support?

Producing a long, heavy duty masonry support of up to 300mm of bricks without increasing the safe working load just makes no sense to us. All this does is increase the side force on the acrow prop which can sometimes make it bend like a banana.

It's taken a lot of designing, engineering, and testing, but we’re finally able to release our own very heavy duty acrow prop and extended masonry support with the strength to brace these high side loads.

The M.O.A.P combined with M.O.A.P Mate has the capacity to support 320mm of wall with an industry leading safe working load of 500kg.

The MOAP and MOAP MATE are designed to be used in tandem and are not sold separately. Hire companies and trade suppliers please contact us.

All major credit cards accepted. All prices are subject to VAT.

The Mother Of All Props.
  • MOAP
    The Mother Of All Props is a size 1 heavy duty acrow prop designed specifically to hold two skins of bricks safely, with an increased SWL to safely bear the extra weight without issue. Being a size 1 prop, the MOAP height is the standard 1753mm - 3124mm. That’s over 3.1m of height, on a prop able to safely support 500Kgs. The outer diameter of the prop has been increased over the standard 60mm to a full 76mm. The internal tube is now 60mm, 25% bigger than the internal tube of standard, lesser props.

    The MOAP has been designed specifically to accompany the MOAP MATE, an extended steel masonry support that has been designed to safely support two skins of bricks. The MOAP MATE has a reach of 300mm. 20mm longer than the Propmate and other standard masonry support systems. Because of this extended length, we do not recommend the MOAP MATE to be used with anything other than the MOAP acrow prop – the increased stress would cause lesser props to buckle under the load.
Not Sold Separately.

Price is Excluding VAT
£69.95 - In stock

MOAP™ & MOAP MATE - 4 Pack

Order a pack of 4 x MOAPs with 4 x MOAP MATEs for a reduced price.

Price is Excluding VAT
£265.95 - In stock

Standard Acrow Props
The acrow prop is a staple piece of construction equipment for builders around the world, providing easy to erect support for roof beams, lintels, and walls to allow for temporary refurbishment in domestic buildings or on site. This ease of use, along with the form factor, is the primary reason why the acrow prop has become so popular. It's simple and extremely effective.

Full Range Available:
  • Size 0
  • Size 1
  • Size 2
  • Size 3
  • Size 4
As low as £16.00 - In stock

There are limits to what the acrow prop can do, and because of that it's important to ensure that acrow prop use is guided by structural plans, and their usage overseen by qualified engineers. It's easy to overload and damamge a prop, just by utilising it incorrectly.

If you're unsure how to set up an acrow prop, take a look through our guide on our website.


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