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Nick Howarth
8 Lincolns Inn Field
England UK
Opening Hours
08:00 am-04:30 am
08:00 am-04:30 am

08:00 am-04:30 am

08:00 am-04:30 am

08:00 am-04:30 am

08:00 am-04:30 am



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About Nima Recruitment UK

NIMA Recruitment is a specialized recruitment agency with offices in East Grindstead, West Sussex, United Kingdom.

Our consultants are experienced and professional with the skill necessary to find the right candidate the right job.

They are trained to know their role in the recruitment process, and to understand the client’s individual requirements.

We believe in servicing the client and candidate to the best of our ability and we always keep in mind the needs and objectives of the client. In this way we can continue to grow relationships with both client and candidate and create a bright and happy future for all concerned.

What Industries do we Assist?
  • Civil
  • Building
  • Project Management
  • MEIP
  • Petrochemical, Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Office Support and HR
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate Executives
  • Manufacturing
  • Expat
  • Financial Services and Banking
  • Office Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Nursing and Care Services
  • Education
What Sets Us Apart From Other Agencies?
The staff at NIMA Recruitment sees the importance of the employee and understands that people make it possible for companies to exist. In other words we understand that the higher the quality of the employee, the better the bottom line for the client.

We understand that the individual can make a huge difference, so hiring the right one is crucial.


How Will You Benefit by Using NIMA?

NIMA has a large data base of already screened candidate CV’s.

We also have broad networks that spread across the UK, Africa and the globe. This accounts for massive time saving on the client’s part when sourcing competent staff.

We will advertise on the client’s behalf and the client’s name can be kept confidential. There are many benefits to this. eg. No flooding of CV’s into the client’s inbox and no upsets amongst existing staff when they see vacancies at their present employ.

Advertising costs are for NIMA’s account except in special instances.

We will continue to support the client or applicant long after the placement has been made and confidentiality is maintained throughout.

There is also a guarantee period that NIMA agrees to in case our candidate does not work out.

A highly accurate testing system that will assess candidates in terms of honesty and productivity is also offered.

Other Services Offered

Headhunting – We will embark on a headhunting campaign to source and acquire the exact candidate that the client wants.

Testing – Our highly accurate and effective candidate testing is not based on ‘categories’ or ‘personality boxes’ but gives an accurate overview of the candidate’s personality in the working environment. Will he be productive,honest, loyal and generally just fit into your organization? This testing is done at a set rate.

Training – We offer a range of training courses that are based on getting the employee productive. How to use statistics to get productive, Communication in the workplace, How to raise your statistics, Honesty and Integrity, How to overcome the Ups and Downs in Life and How to study. These are just to name a few. Our qualified Course Supervisor will come to your premises and conduct the courses there.

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