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Ger Reade
County Kildare
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About Gar Insulation

Gar Insulation Kildare is a progressive cavity wall, attic insulation and air tightness company supplying and fitting certified products into new, existing homes and commercial buildings. We will ensure that the most up to date and effective products will be used on your home or premises – which will give you the greatest return for your investment. All our customers receive a free consultation with a house or site visit to examine and discuss your individual needs to exploit the maximum benefit from insulating your home.

Our latest addition to the range of product and services -is Phonestar Acoustic Insulation Kildare, a proven product for reducing airborne noise travelling through a dividing wall or ceiling.

Insulation For Any Home
If you are looking for Home Insulation Kildare we have the products and expertise you require to make sure you get the best result possible in your existing or new homes. There is real savings to be made on your heating bill, so it’s important that you work with the best to get it absolutely right. All applications are one time installation, and will last the lifetime of the building.

Commercial Insulation
No matter the size of your upcoming commercial insulation project in Kildare, our team have the experience required to work with your people to meet your insulation needs on time and on budget. What’s more, because we pride ourselves on our service and knowledge we promise to bring an indepth understanding of your requirements to the work no matter how large the project becomes.


Energystore Superbead 33 and 35 are high density polystyrene bonded bead solutions to totally insulate a cavity wall constructed building. The expanded polystyrene bead is durable and will last the lifetime of the property. It will not settle or crack and will greatly improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Energystore will meet the new building regulation Part L.

Blowerproof is an airtight liquid membrane that is now BBA certified. It is used widely across Europe because of its ability to reach unrivalled levels of airtightness. Blowerproof is used to reach Passive Standard 0.6 AC/h in buildings but can reach 0.2 AC/h if required. The applications for Blowerproof include the wall to ceiling junctions on all floor levels along the outer skin of a building, window jambs and floor to wall junctions.

Phonestar Sound Proofing Solutions
Fed up with the noisy neighbours? We have a solution for you with our latest soundproofing product from PhoneStar. Soundproofing exposed timber ceilings with PhoneStar acoustic insulation is a simple task and provides excellent results at reducing both airborne and impact sound.

Existing Homes
Whether you are insulating an empty cavity or upgrading existing board insulation in the cavity, the bonded bead will significantly retain the hear generated in your home to last longer. In most cases the house is drilled from the outside at ceiling height on all levels and also under each window. The holes are 20mm in diameter (1 Inch) and are refilled with white sand and cement to match as closely as possible the original finish of the house. In homes where there is brick facing on the outer leaf the mortar joints are drilled to reduce the possibility of damage to the brick or drilled from the inside where appropriate.

New Build
The grey bonded bead is more efficient alternative and effective way of insulation a new construction allowing for a faster build program without compromising on quality. With the tried and tested drill pattern a total fill is guaranteed throughout the entire building. Energystore Superbead 33 and 35 will meet the new building regulations Part L . The house is insulated when all services are complete, including the meter box ducting, plumbing and any external electrical work which is going through the cavity; this ensures that no gap will be left unfilled.

Air Tightness
Blowerproof Air tightness is a fundamental application required in a new build construction that will significantly reduce the annual heating costs of a home. Applied correctly the dramatic reduction in air infiltration into the building envelope allows the insulation to retain the core temperature of the building for longer.

Hofatex is the natural wood fibre solution for solid walls which does not cause condensation issues.

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