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John McAvoy
Unit 13
Sunshine Industrial Estate
County Dublin 6

About HP Metal Roofing

Founded in 1969 High Performance Roofing have grown from a small company to one of Ireland most successful roofing companies providing all types of Roofing services to Multinational companies, state bodies, SME as well as domestic customers nationwide.

High Performance Roofing are committed to the highest quality service. We are members of National guild of master craftsmen and believe in only using the highest quality materials that meet all international standards.

High Performance Roofing are fully insured including an Employers liability of €13,000,000 and Public product Liability of €6,500,000. We are fully tax compliant and certified.

Why Choose HP Metal Roofing:
  • Operating since 1969
  • Leaders in Copper Roofing
  • Vast Experience
  • State of Art Work Shop
  • Fully Insured Guaranteed Work
Zinc Roofing Installation
Zinc is one of the most long lasting roofing materials which can be used currently. When a zinc roof is installed with good ventilation it can last up to 80 years without maintenance or treatment.

Zinc has become popular in Ireland and the Uk in recent years and there are many benefits to using zinc for your roofing and cladding projects. Zinc is extremely resistent to corrosion, is durable and does not require costly maintenance in its lifetime.

Copper Roofing Installation
With an exceptional corrosion resistance and high levels of durability, our copper roofing can provide both domestic and commercial customers from Ireland and the UK with an effective, yet attractive roofing solution.

Copper exhibits great levels of corrosion resistance and exceptional durability. This make it an attractive and effective solution for both commercial and domestic roofing and cladding projects.

Aluminium Roof Installation
Aluminium roofing is the number choice for coastal regions due to its due to its durability in salt spray ocean environments and resistance to corrosion. It is more resistant to rust than other metal roofing.

Aluminiums strength to weight ratio is also favourable and its costs lie between Steel and its more expensive zinc and copper counterparts. Aluminium is completely waterproof and its light weight nature avoides structural adjustments and makes it easy to install. It is also comes in many colours.

Stainless Steel Roof Installation
Stainless Steel roofing has become increasingly popular due its attractive appearance, Long Lifespan of 80 to 100 hundred years and its low maintenance rquirements. It is also benefits from a light supporting structure.

Utilisng Tata Steels Colorcoat Urban products we offer a 40 year guarantee, 100% Recycleable roofing and a range of colors for your domestic or commercial roofing projects.

The Workshop
At our work shop in the centre of Dublin we have state of the art machinery for processing metal sheets for custom jobs, big and small as specified.

We have the ability to roll out standing seam and snaplock metal roofing sheets as needed for perfect fit and maximum efficiency. Maximising the efficiency of our workshop we are able to supply roofing contractors and provide training on metal roofing best practices.

Metal Roofing Supplies
At our work shop in the centre of Dublin we have state of the art machinery for processing Copper and Zinc. We have the ability to roll out standing seam and snaplock metal roofing sheets as needed on any custom job for perfect fit and maximum efficiency.

We also provide this service to other roofing contractors allowing them to get sheets of metal tailor made for the current job they are working on. If you are a contractor looking to tailor made to your specific requirements, please contact us today using the enquiry form or call us on 01 4533366.

Snap Lock Roof Training
Snap Loc metal panels are a perfect fit for residential, commercial and architectural roofing and re-roofing projects. Snap Loc is self-locking, watertight and extremely durable making it an eligible and attractive choice for roofing projects. We have the ability to train roofing contractors in the advantages and application of snap lock roofing for use in their own projects

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Tata Steel
The Tata Steel product range in roofing solutions extends from the traditional built up systems through composite systems to the modular Hi-Point system.

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Kingspan Insulated Roof Panels
Kingspan Insulated Panels are leaders sustainable products and solutions for advanced building construction.

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