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Declan Carroll
County Louth

About Smart Heating Renewable Solutions

Ireland's leading company for renewable energy solutions in your home

We specialise in the design, installation and servicing of heat pumps, underfloor heating systems and solar solutions, to ensure your home is a warm one with the lowest running costs possible.

​With over 20 years of hands on experience, we feel our expertise in this area is second to none. We have either worked or trained with some of the leading experts in this field, across both Ireland and the UK.

We are also accredited with SEAI, RGI, OFTEC, F-Gas certified to work with refrigeration, and the Engineering Council.

Underfloor Heating
Possibly the nicest way to heat a building is to gently warm its floors. Underfloor heating requires much lower water temperatures than radiators (approx 40°C). As the heat is applied at floor level, less energy input is required compared to other sources such as radiators. Also where asthma is present in a household, underfloor is the ideal solution, as it produces an even heat rather than stuffy, therefore ensuring thermal comfort. Every heating system must have a design temperature. In Ireland, it is generally taken at a range of -2°C to 23°C, outside which is known as the heat curve.

Heat Pump Install & Service
Heat Pumps are on average 3 times more efficient than a gas or oil boiler. We are specialists in both the service and install of this technology.

Air-to-water heat pumps have become the most popular form in the country recently, with up on 20,000 units expected to be installed in Ireland over the next few years. We install and service air-to-water heat pumps from Joule, Samsung, Stiebel Eltron, Dimplex Renewables and IVT. We are service specialists in these products, and they must be serviced annually.

Ground Source Heat Pumps provide even lower running costs, no matter what the weather does. All of our ground source heat pumps are extremely quiet and are ideally fitted indoors in a utility room. We install and service ground source heat pumps from IVT and are service specialists for these products. Again, they must be serviced annually.

Solar Install & Service
A Joule solar system in your house can lower the water heating bills by 70%. Installing a solar system is a wise investment in your home, if you have a gas or oil boiler, in particular Here are some figures: a €6000 investment in a solar system for your home of 4-6 people should get a grant of €1,200 from SEAI.

This brings the cost down to €4,800. You can claim the VAT back under the HRI Home Renovation Incentive scheme for homeowners. This will give annual savings of €800 per year for your house. This equates to a payback of 6 years. Also, remember the savings are tax free and fuel bills will rise by 10% per year. If fuel bills rise by 10%, the payback becomes 10% faster.

The Latest Vacuum Tube Technology
Joule Acapella tube kits are high performance solar tube systems. The tubes are designed to be mounted on-roof over the roof tiles. The tubes have an alcohol liquid inside the glass tube. The alcohol transfers its heat into the system fluid through a copper bulb at the top of the tube.

The heat in the solar fluid then moves down the solar pipework into the coil in the cylinder. The Acapella tube systems produce more hot water compared with standard flat panels due to the increased insulation of the vacuum and the lower boiling point of the alcohol.

Solar System Servicing
​Smart Heating recommends that your solar system is serviced annually or at intervals no greater than 18 months. Over time the glycol antifreeze starts to break down in the system and your solar system loses pressure and efficiency.

If the system stagnates at any time which is common, and fluid is lost from the system, the system will not work and the excess heat through conduction on the pipework can burn out the circulating pump, and damage seals and gaskets, causing leaks upon refilling etc.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Service
If your house is built to a good standard with good quality windows and insulation, it does not make sense to then drill large holes in the wall of each room in order to provide ventilation.

With the Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system installed, bedrooms are fresh in the morning and the house doesn't smell after cooking because when you were sleeping, the system has been working hard to remove all the stale smells and replace the air with fresh, filtered and heated outdoor air.

Smart Heating Controls
At Smart Heating we are a big fan of smart heating controls and any possible means to save energy. We often install controls which allows the homeowner to use their heating system from anywhere in the world from a laptop, tablet or their mobile phone. This can cut up to 20% off your heating bills.

At Smart heating, as part of our consultation service, we will be able to advise you how to use the heating controls that you have, or recommend a new one based on your heating system and individual needs.

For more information, please contact us!


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