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James Walker
5 Limetree Business Park
Water Street
England UK

About Apex Access Group

Working at height specialists​

Apex Access Group are experts in working at height, offering a variety of high-level access techniques and solutions across the UK. Apex Access Group ensure to complete the required task using the safest and effective method of access to the suit the client’s requirements and budget. Hand-picking top quality rope access technicians (industrial abseilers) for all projects which require rope access industrial abseiling services. We make certain to allocate specific trade specialists to each work at height task ensuring the clients project tasks receive the highest level of attention maintaining the highest level of safety.

Rope Access Building Protection
Buildings are exposed to elements at all times, so it is important to protect your commercial building from wear and tear, ageing, stresses and other issues which can occur.

Apex Access Group’s highly skilled and experienced team can provide rope access building protection using rope access and abseiling. Our services are available throughout the UK.

Rope Access Cleaning
Rope Access Cleaning Services is a method of cleaning at height that has been developed over a 25 year period. It is also used in construction and is known as a safer, less intrusive method of high-level work. Scaffolding requires time and is costly to install and takes up a larger working space and area. Ladders involve more risk, and extension poles can’t always reach all the necessary places to give the same level of cleaning required. Allowing access to our team with our high-level cleaning solutions, to even the most difficult of areas, means that a job won’t be left half done, therefore making it more obvious when dirt, grime or carbon build up is left undisturbed and untouched.

Rope Access Heritage Works
Apex Access Group has a team of trained and experienced working at height specialists who can carry out essential rope access heritage works on heritage buildings safely and efficiently, ensuring that the building is preserved from any potential damage.

Rope Access Installations
Apex Access Group has a team of trained and experienced working at height specialists who can manage your required rope access installations from start to finish and deliver a top-class service for your domestic or commercial building.

Rope Access Maintenance
Apex Access Group use ropes and abseiling equipment to carry out professional rope access maintenance services in areas that are hard to reach using other methods. Our rope access maintenance services include: painting, window restoration and roof repairs on commercial buildings. Our services are available across the UK.

Our highly skilled and experienced working at height team use rope access, MEWP (cherry pickers) and abseiling equipment which means that we are able to get to those hard to reach places and complete works on heritage buildings efficiently, reducing the costs and risks that can sometimes be involved with this type of work.

Fall Protection Systems
Fall Protection systems reduce risk whilst working at height in various business sectors. Organisations have a health and safety responsibility for the welfare of employees whilst working at height ensuring that the correct system and training is in place. Apex Access Group offer installation of fall protection systems such as horizontal lifelines, temporary or fixed. Once a system has been installed organisations have a legal responsibility for the testing and maintenance of the System in place. Apex Access Group can organise the testing of fall protection systems such as anchor bolts and mansafe systems. Apex Access Group can use such systems for building maintenance projects for example roof / gutter cleans practising work restraint and fall arrest methods.

Eyebolt testing and installation
When working at high levels, is especially vital that eyebolts are tested and installed to provide the user with the highest standard of safety. At Apex Access Group we are able to cover the eyebolt testing and installation within four different categories: restraint systems, rope access systems, work positioning systems and fall arrest systems.

Confined Space Works
Confined space works is an area that is enclosed and proposes limited entry and egress such as an industrial chimney, silo or tanker. Confined spaces are also categorised as an area where injury can occur from hazardous conditions or substances such as lack of oxygen due the confined space. These can be found in industrial environments such as factories and plants.

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Apex Access Group General Description

Apex access group offer a variety of specialised access techniques across the UK
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