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IHP Infrared Heating Products

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Stephen O'Callaghan
406 Lichfield Road
Burton On Trent
DE13 8EH

About IHP Infrared Heating Products

Infrared Heating Products is located in the manufacturing heartland of The Midlands. We operate from our premises situated alongside the Trent and Mersey canal, near Burton on Trent. We build our panels here, from scratch. From metal bending to soldering, testing to packaging, each step of the production process is carefully designed to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards - innovation, quality and style are the things that drive us.

Our team of engineers are specialists in Infrared Heating technologies with years of experience in product design. Our approach focuses on attention to detail. The end result is a product range optimised for efficiency, style and reliability.

We are so confident in our products that our infrared heating panels come with a guarantee of 10 years.

Our Tooling
We use a range of tools to build our panels. Our engineers are part of a highly skilled workforce.

Why Choose Our Far Infrared Heating Panels?
Infrared heating is a fantastic option for heating. Some of the many benefits of our panels include;
  • Made by Us - Best of British quality, design and manufacturing.
  • Superb efficiency providing a great return on investment, saving money on energy bills.
  • Highly responsive – controllable and can provide heat quickly. Unlike convection systems, which are dependent on heat circulating in a space. Radiant heat heats objects directly.
  • Health benefits – reduced circulation of dust etc. It is also an effective method to eliminate condensation and stop mould growth.
  • Fit and forget – no maintenance once installed
  • Stylish design – our panels can even be printed with your favourite images. Imagine that – your artwork providing your heating!
Our Infrared Heating Products
Our core business is the manufacture of infrared heating products. We have a unique design, with its reverse bevel, which is registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office and is based around a sleek, stylish panel which almost appears to float. We are extremely proud of our products and their quality means that we are able to offer a guarantee of 10 years. Our product range includes:
  • Infrared Heating Panels
    Our standard panels come in a range of sizes meaning that we can cater for every situation. They are high performance far infrared heaters which look superb when mounted on either ceilings or walls. Their unique, angled swept-back sides give the illusion of a floating frame of zero thickness. The product is engineered to a design that allows the panels to be virtually flush with the wall or ceiling, further enhancing its modern, stylish, unobtrusive look. We are able to advise on the best combinations to fit your project. Available in both black and white colours.

  • Infrared Heating Panels for Suspended Ceilings
    The 320W Square panel and 640W radiant ceiling panels are specifically designed to fit seamlessly into 600mm x 600mm suspended ceiling systems and meet UK electrical wiring and building regulations. Their multi-stage insulation system minimises rear panel heat losses thereby increasing radiant efficiency. They have also been designed to allow full insulation over the rear of the panel. Available as either single or double grids.

  • Printed Panels
    Our partner printing company are experts in producing quality reproductions on our panels. We can take any photograph you have the rights to use. We will ensure that the photograph you provide us with is of sufficient quality and resolution - you can then expect a beautiful end result with artwork that heats!

  • Special Requirements
    As the manufacturer, we can also produce custom colour, sizes and shapes. Although our standard panels come in black and white, we are able to produce panels in most colours. We use specially selected paints for which preserve their high efficiency. Just let us know the colours you need! If you have any special requirements for your heating project, let us know. We have a wealth of expertise and experience and would be more than happy to discuss options. Whether it be fixings, cable lengths, panel sizes, or any other special request, talk to us, we are here to help.

  • Medium Intensity Heaters
    For large spaces such as factories, halls, warehouses etc, we have a range of medium intensity infrared heaters. These heaters can economically heat large high buildings while still employing long (shorter that far) wave infrared. They are also ideal for outdoor areas such as restaurants and patios and offer an effective alternative to the glowing orange heaters in common use. These heaters come with our own 5 year guarantee.
Applications of Infrared Heating Panels
There are so many applications for infrared heating. As an electric heating solution is extremely versatile. From large scale office heating projects to single printed panels in a domestic environment, we are happy to advise and help with projects and applications of any size.

For more information, please Contact Us!


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