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RM Crete

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Ruairi McConnell
235 Ecclesville Rd
County Co Tyrone
BT78 2PE
Northern Ireland

About RM Crete

What We Do?
We specialise in pattern imprinted concrete and are experts in this specialist type of paving. We have a huge variety of patterns and colours to suit all tastes. Pattern imprinted concrete is hugely durable and, if maintained properly, should last you a lifetime.

We offer imprinted concrete laying services to both domestic and commercial projects, including driveways, patios, steps, footpaths, etc.

Why Imprinted Concrete?
  • All the strength of 100-150mm of fibre reinforced 35 newton concrete.
  • A firm compacted sub-base and crack control joints to minimise any cracking.
  • The attractive appearance of cobbles, slate or blocks with no sinking or spreading.
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete lends huge versatility to features such as steps and flower borders.
  • The bespoke design of each individual impressed driveway makes it unique.
  • Low maintenance sealed surface enabling oil spillages to be easily removed.
  • No weeds.
Whats The Process?
You have chosen your desired colour scheme, pattern designs and any additional features.

Site Preparation - In most cases the first stage of driveway/patio installation will be over in just one or two days.

It involves the removal of the old surface using the appropriate machinery (this will vary according to each site’s individual requirements).The sub-base is then laid and compacted. All the peripheral preparation work such as drainage, soak ways and shuttering the correct shape will then occur to complete this stage

Formulation of the Driveway/Patio - On usually what would be the second or third day, the concrete is laid. The high strength ready mixed concrete arrives and then the action commences. The wet concrete is then distributed over the prepared area and raked to approximately the correct levels. The team will then proceed to screed the concrete level.

The concrete is then floated smooth using large magnesium floats. At the correct time the Colour Surface Hardener is applied to the wet surface and floated in. To prevent the moulding tools from sticking and to give the antique effect ,the Antique Release Powder is applied prior to printing. When the time is perfect the desired pattern is imprinted in to the semi firm concrete surface.

Washing, Cleaning and Sealing - the process may all take place on the day after

The Crack Control Joints are cut in with a diamond blade, to minimise the risk of cracking. The Antique Release Powder is then power washed from the surface, at which point all the surrounding area will be cleaned.

Detergent and an acid formula will then be applied to the surface to achieve the final desired colour. Any other small snags and peripheral work is then carried out (lifting and freeing new manhole covers , removing shuttering etc). Finally the Crack Control Joints are filled with a coloured silicone and the sealant is applied containing an anti-slip agent for extra grip.


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