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Welland Power Limited

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Charlie Farrow
Unit 2, Welland Business Park
Clay lake
County Lincolnshire
PE12 6BL
England UK

About Welland Power Limited

For powered by Perkins Generators, or powered by Baudouin Generators, Welland Power is a clear choice. UK made and designed. Available for worldwide shipment. With 70 years of UK brand heritage to support your product, contact our sales team now for help and support with your requirements.

Diesel generators are available from anywhere – can you be sure you are getting a genuine product? A Perkins engine, a stamford alternator and a control panel will make up around 90% of the cost of a genuine diesel generator. Cheaper units may use non-genuine or inferior components and lead to total loss.

UK Perkins Powered Generators
The Welland Power range of diesel generators powered by Perkins diesel engines are the leading models in the Welland Power product range. The high-quality build in our UK factory make the Welland Power units ideal for all areas of the world, and the Perkins generator engine is known worldwide for its quality.

Baudouin Powered Generators
A french brand since 1918. With an industry-leading four year limited warranty, Baudouin is an excellent choice.

Returning to Spalding in 2010, we now own our modern production facility, which covers an area of 25,000m2. This facility encompasses some of the most modern machinery for the production of steel work - CNC Lasers and CNC Break Press.

Our expansion and modern facility houses equipment you won't find at most UK manufacturers, including some of the other biggest names. Welland is still owned today by the same family; Charles Lloyd Farrow currently sits as Managing Director - the third generation of the family.

In all, the Farrow family and its heritage building and assembling industrial machinery can be traced back over 6 generations, and video footage of the family at work has been found from as early as 1921. In this time Welland has provided equipment to some exceptional projects around the world, including equipment for leading multinational companies, banks, schools, manufacturing facilities, telecoms stations, airports, police departments and many other bespoke applications. Silent generators can also be important in many EU situations. We don't supply small sets like inverter generators.

For any other questions or enquiries, please contact us!

or for UK projects contact here

We have dealers worlwide also - key dealers for generators in kenya for example. We also have other information sites in out range - our support pages for example, which not only helps with our products, but also has general information about diesel generators like What is a diesel generator? and What are its major parts?

You can also visit us on social media.


Welland Power Limited General Description

Manufacturer of Diesel Generators
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