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Hugh McKay
231A Castle Rd
County Antrim
BT41 2EB
Northern Ireland

About Firestop & Seal Ltd

Firestop and Seal was established in 2005 after spending 3/4 years learning the fire-stopping trade and other areas of structural fire protection. We specialise in all aspects of fire stopping, fire compartmention, fire curtain, air sealing, penetration sealing, hot water high reach cleaning, power washing, etc.

We have aided, and work alongside with, many large contractors to achieve the highest standard possible in fire stopping and air sealing. Our best achievement to date is a reading of 2.3 of an air seal at the University of Ulster, Coleraine (main contractor — Heron Bros).

We listen and learn from the main contractor what targets need met; in turn, we get repetitive custom. A fire-stopping record, certificate of conformity, and marked up plans are presented at the end of the contract.

Hilti and Fireus Trained!

We have had third-party accredition for over 10 years, and have over 15 years' experience in the structural fire protection industry. We have been a member of constructionline for over 4 years.

Fire Stopping & Fire Barriers
The use of rated fire-stopping materials tested to BS 476 part 20/22 has been part of standard building specifications for quite some time. Many clients and, indeed, builders do not realise the potential risk they take by not employing the services of a third-party expert in this field to ensure products are fitted correctly.

Fire stopping is more complex than filling a hole with a fire-resistant material. Fire-stopping materials only perform as they should when installed in accordance with test certification and manufacturer’s instructions, but sadly these requirements are often overlooked. This results in fires that should have been prevented or at least contained. Routine investigations by the fire brigade following a fire will identify the absence of or poorly fitted fire-stopping materials. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, building landlords and managers have a duty to ensure that fire stopping is installed and installed correctly.

To assist you, Fire Stop and Seal has trained staff and is accredited by FIREUS to supply and install fire stopping and fire barriers. You and your building will be provided with certificated installations, giving you full confidence in the performance of your building’s passive-fire protection systems. Why take the risk doing anything else?

Fire Barriers
Fire Barriers are critical and are often overlooked areas of fire protection. There are many forms of fire barrier and they can actually be part of the structure (i.e. walls, floors, ceilings, etc), while others may be non-structural enclosures or partitions. Fire barriers and curtains are available in mineral fibre plain faced and foil faced, and can achieve up to two hours fire protection.
  • Rockwool Fire Barrier
  • Firetherm Stone Wool
  • Phoenix Fire & Smoke Barrier
  • Vulcan Insulation
  • Plus 30 Insulation
  • Plus 60 Insulation
  • Titan Insulation
Fire Compartmentation
Fire compartmentaion is the division of the building into discrete fire zones. Fire compartmentation is probably the most effective means of limiting fire damage, and is designed to contain the fire to within the area of its starting point. The compartmentation approach provides at least some protection for the rest of the building and its occupants, even if other fire-preventaion systems are installed and fail.

Air Sealing
On-site air leakage testing of commercial buildings is a requirement under Part L of the UK Building Regulations. Fire Stop and Seal are able to offer a full range of services to help clients and contractors reach the target air leakage on their projects. We offer a full pre-test consultancy service, and, in addition, our fully trained site operatives are able to undertake all the required remedial air sealing works, often in conjunction with the fire and acoustic stopping.

This overall service is of benefit to contractors who otherwise may have to employ two or more different trade contractors to carry out the necessary works. We would be pleased to discuss the individual requirements that you may have on a particular project. Please contact us now.

Penetration Sealing
Fire Penetration Systems is a fundamental requirement of fire safety in buildings and prevents the spread of fire and smoke, and is also vital in maintaining compartmentation. A Certificate of Conformity will be issued by Fire Stop and Seal on completion of any works carried out.

Sound Insulation
Fire Stop and Seal can provide acoustic insulation solutions for floors and walls, helping you to overcome problems with noisy neighbours or the passage of sound in your own home.

We offer a wide range of acoustic insulation products from brand-leading manufacturers. With the excellent acoustic insulation properties of glass mineral wool, the Earthwool sound reducing insulation products can be used in new-build separating walls, partitions, and floors, as well as for the upgrade of existing buildings to provide improved sound insulation and resistance.

For more information, please contact us!


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