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Mr Richard Robbins
Units 24 & 25 Skirsgill Business Park
CA11 0FD
England UK

About Abrasives For Industry Ltd

Diamond Drill Bits for Tiles
One of the difficulties with tiling has always been how to drill clean neat holes, certainly with the harder porcelain tiles. We stock a variety of different tile drills to combat almost any tile in any environment. We offer tile drill bits for ceramic and glass tiles, premium dry use diamond drill bits for harder tiles and stone when using water is not suitable, we also stock a large variety of sizes in our premium wet use till drill bits.

Spirabands & Kits
Premium spirabands made from superior zirconium abrasive giving these longer life and faster grinding performance on harder materials.

Manufactured for the purpose of working on stainless steel and hard metal material as well as mild steel, equally effective on other materials such as cast iron, wood and composites. They are the ideal product for working on hard to reach areas or projects requiring precise detailing.

Removing Dust - The Use of Tack Cloths
When you are looking to create a professional looking finish on any surface it is important to ensure that you have effectively removed any dust from the surfaces during the processes and prior to any final polishing, painting or coating.

A tack cloth also referred to as a tack rag, is a loosely woven cheesecloth which has been impregnated with beeswax, creating an excellent way of removing the smallest dust particles from surfaces to get them ready for painting, staining or finishing.

For polishing metal for example, if you do not remove the dust created by your early abrasive grit, you will be working against yourself as you attempt to go up the grits to get your desired finish.

1 Blade for Every Eventuality
Here we are going to show to you the "Rescue" blade and talk about its performance and versatility,

Our diamond rescue blades will cut almost anything, they are called rescue blades due to their popularity in rescue situations where different material needs to be cut and removed quickly and efficiently. Although they are named rescue blades due to their use with the emergency services they have a far wider use and will cut almost anything you would need to cut on a construction site, masonry, brick, concrete, steel, fibreglass, wood with nails, cable, composites just to name a few.

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Abrasives For Industry Ltd General Description

Specialist's in abrasive technology. Supplying top quality cutting, grinding and drilling products directly to your door. No middlemen - Best Quality
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