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1-2 Marino Mart
County Dublin
D03 T3P1

About Geocell Ireland

We at Geocell Ireland are focused to achieve a transformation in the approach of foundation construction in Ireland. Thinking about the planet with the focus on climate change and utilisation of renewable resources for construction, Geocell is the way for the future. A no value product is converted into a minimal value product which has excellent properties and is a benefit for the planet.


Geocell Grey
Made from 100% Recycled Waste Glass.
  • Insulating
    Geocell foam glass gravel consists of millions of closed cells, the air locked inside these cells are responsible for Geocell's outstanding insulating properties

  • Freeze-thaw resistant
    Geocell does not react to the freeze-thaw cycle and thus effectively protects against the impact of frost. No additional frost protection is required.

  • Lightweight
    With a dry bulk density of approx 150kg/m³, Geocell is extremely lightweight making installation quick and easy.

  • Anti-Capillary
    With its closed cell structure, Geocell forms a capillary break keeping moisture away from the building fabric resulting in no mould growth and structural damage.

  • Drainage
    With Geocell, rainwater is immediately drained from the building whilst offering the additional advantage of insulating the outside of existing walls.

  • Load-bearing
    Due to its glass cell structure, Geocell provides excellent compressive strength - 275 KN/M² (27.5 tonne/m²) at compaction factor 1.3:1
Geocell Bubble
Geocell foam glass bubbles: thermal insulation can be that simple and valuable.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
    Made from 100% recycled glass inert and essentially pH-neutral

  • Incredibly strong
    Despite the low bulk density (190 - 200 kg/m³) Geocell Bubble is very pressure resistant due to its spherical structure

  • Excellent sound absorption
    Geocell Bubble expanded glass effectively absorbs noise

  • Non-Combustible
    Geocell Bubble is non-combustible and releases no harmful gases when heat is applied.

  • Stability
    Geocell Bubble is dimensionally stable even after years (no material shrinkage, no swelling).

  • Resistant
    Geocell Bubble is resistant to frost, heat, decay, aging, bacteria, moisture, acids, organic solvents and provides no host for pests, rodents, nor mould growth.
Geocell Red
A high quality glass product.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
    Made from 100% recycled glass inert and essentially pH-neutral

  • Saves time and money
    Through significantly less and a shorter working process in installation

  • Dynamically, cyclically durable
    GEOCELL RED is the first synthetic manufactured lightweight bulk material that withstands even extreme cyclic loads

  • Intelligent buoyancy attitude
    When the hydrological conditions are changing, GEOCELL® RED does not only stores water in the grain structure, it does also stores water in its core and thus reduces the buoyancy attitude. If the water level declines, GEOCELL® RED submits the stored water extremely quick.

  • Permanently stability
    Resistant against aging, rotting, fire, bacteria, frost, acids, bases, moisture and rodents.

  • Extremely lightweight
    Approximately 200 kg/m³ in the dry condition
Geocell Insulation Panel
Features & advantages.
  • Easy to process
    GEOCELL ® PANEL can be cut to any size with simple tools such as a saw blade, foxtail

  • Waterproof
    Does not absorb moisture and does not swell

  • Non-Combustible
    Is to be used in addition to the application in the insulation sector in the field of fire protection (building material classification according to EN 13501: fire protection class A1) Develops in case of fire neither smoke nor toxic gases.

  • Resistant
    Highly loadable, eg in parking deck construction and on exposed areas
Geocell Big Bag
Geocell is transported to various locations in Geocell Bigbags of various volumes throughout Ireland. Geocell Bigbag of 1m3 possess a length of 1.10 m, width 1.10 m and height of 1.20 m. 1m³ of GEOCELL Bigbag = 150 KG.


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