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Arturas Bagvilas
14 Clonmageddon Fort
County Co Meath

About L&A Building Experts LTD

L&A Building Experts takes pride in being the standard for general contractors. Our knowledge and expertise make us a cut above the rest when it comes to construction. If you are planning a project, and you want an experienced construction management team, make us your first choice.
  • Trustworthy
    With perfect professionalism and skillful performance, we always maintain our quality

  • Skillful
    From restoration to new stonework, we show our superiority in our work, swiftness and modernity

  • Cost-effective
    Finish your stone restoration or new work in your pocket budget by skilled technicians
Exclusive and Artistic Stonework Solution
Stone is simply fantastic and fancy to look wherever it is set. This is why; stone is used for building monuments, walls, floors, entrances, classic fireplaces, garden bridges, and so on. When you see some stonework of the bygone days, a nostalgic feeling invokes in mind. Whatever the manufacturing time of stonework is, simply a cool feeling will rise in mind. L&A Building Experts has their skillful Stone Mason experienced more than 10 years in this field. They can fulfill your custom need of building passionate and artistic work wherever you need.


Stone Restoration
Over time, the hardest buildings and monuments begin to show the signs of decay and demolition. If the stone surface or walls, floors, monuments, etc. starts decaying, cracking or simply shine of the stone loses its original lustre, it is the time to choose a professional team for stone restoration to bring back its original shape, shine and finish.

Do you have a fancy garden, but there is no pool or bridge over there? The garden lacks a pool, and the pool a bridge. All bridges do not adore the garden which you have made with a classic choice. Stone bridge might be the perfect match for your garden. Yes, we, L&A Building Experts are the top stonemasons for building up the sophisticated stone bridges and other garden designs. We know how to add character to your garden and make it attractive.

Stone Fireplaces
A stone fireplace is classy and timeless. It enhances the prestige and gravity of the house. From high-gloss traditional to rustic fireplaces are well-adorned in the houses of Ireland. It is not only the essential utility but also the tradition of a house. Being the heart of a house, most people build a fireplace by maintaining a perfect tradition. They give attention to building a fireplace which is suitable and vintage match with the decoration of the entire house.

L&A Building Experts is a company having groups of skilful stone masons with the utmost technical knowledge of building fantastic stonewalls and vintage houses. Along with the hardcore stonemasonry, we have design planners for each segment of work to offer the best to the clients in accordance with their expectations.

Stone Entrances
An elegant and sophisticated foyer introduces much about your personality and manner. The entryway is the first introduction about you to all your guests and strangers. Therefore, you must have an entrance exclusively built with stone maintaining sober, artistic and stylish design. L&A Building Experts has exclusive design planner and stonemasons to accomplish the project.

Garden Features
Rock is soothing by nature, and you can use it for so many purposes. To create a decorative garden, you can nicely use pebbles, large boulder, coloured stones, statues, and other decorative items. Rock gardens are created to serve a purpose. There is always a theme of creating it. You can design a stone feature that suites the garden better according to your choice. If you have the desire to possess a decretive stone garden, you can leave the entire matter to us. We, L&A Building Experts have the design planners experienced for years to design an appropriate garden feature suitable for you.

Heritage Conservation and restoration
Age-old stonework has its historical and aesthetic value, which nobody wants to lose. They are the invaluable assets of the world. These heritage build-ups and monuments are brought under conservation plan carefully with prolonged research so that they do not abolish by the passage of time, and the future generation can enjoy their aesthetic value for the unlimited time.

Our architectural Stone conservation team cum restorers engage in research work to bring back to its original value and attraction. The critical first step that our conservators follow is the assessment of its history, prior form, and aesthetic value. The modern instruments are also used to assume the form of the subject. Once research is complete, our stone restoration team starts working and bring back to its prior shape.

Age-old garden bridges have their antique value, and they are worthy to step on at least for a while. Our bridges restoration team has the incredible renovating capacity by maintaining its original aesthetic value.

Quality crafting and sophistication
Classic creation gives a cool feeling in mind forever. To make your home a prestigious one, you can build entrances, walls, fireplaces, etc. with stone. Our veteran experts will give a superb aesthetic look that will be the asset of life. Apart from all these, we build stone bridges and different types of garden structures to bring sophistication and sensual beauty juxtaposed.



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