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Unit 2 Cliffe Industrial Estate
South Street
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Our Offices are open Monday to Friday, excluding Bank and Public Holidays.

Our On-line shop is open 24/7

About Insight Security

For over 30 years, Insight Security has been delivering "Best Value Security Solutions" and Practical, No Nonsense Free Advice to customers from the public sector and businesses of all sizes, to home owners looking for ways to protect their home, outhouses, gardens, possessions and valuables. That’s why so many of our customers come back to us for advice and a solution, each time they have a new security problem.

Today, Insight Security is a leading supplier of Anti-climb and Perimeter Security Products, including our popular in-house developed Non-Aggressive Roller Barrier product, which we manufacture in the UK and ship to customers around the world from the USA to Australia.

Other security and safety products in our comprehensive range include; Security Metal Detectors, Random Search Selectors, Search Mirrors, Anti-ligature and Safety Mirrors, High Security Padlocks, Chains and Ground Anchors, Security Screws and Fasteners and Door and Window protection products, as well as our ever-popular Socket Protector Covers, among many others.

Originally established to deliver anti-theft solutions for the growing PC market, early success came from winning a major tender with Barclays Bank, to lock down all PCs and Printers throughout their branch network, to stop theft.

Since then, our reputation for delivering quality security solutions at competitive prices, combined with peer to peer group recommendation, has resulted in frequent requests for other types of security solution. Our resulting careful expansion into many new product areas, has proven our ability to deliver practical, cost effective security and safety solutions, many involving a bespoke element or even new product development.


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Security Solution Finder
Finding your way through the security maze and marketing hype can be frustrating and very time consuming.

This section of our website is designed to quickly help you find the best solution to your particular security issue.

More Products Available:
  • Ground Anchors
  • Screws, Bolts and Fasteners (non security types)
  • Mirrors - Security, Safety & Search mirrors
  • Key Cabinets
  • Anti Arson Mailboxes
  • Metal Detectors
  • Random Search Selectors
  • Traffic Management Products
  • Wheelie Bin Locks
  • Socketpro –Safety Covers for 13a Socket
  • Fingerpro – door Hinge Protective cover
  • Fire Door Protection - DoorSense



Essential Tools for Border Security and Customs

The European open border policy, introduced by the Schengen Agreement in 1985, has undeniably been a great benefit to both the movement of people and free trade. But Brexit means that everything is about to change. Regardless of whether or not a trade agreement is reached, the UK will leave the single market and the customs union on the 31st December. The British Border Force along with HM Customs and Excise face significant challenges to keep people and goods moving in and out of the UK while at the same time maintaining a high level of security. Additional visa requirements will mean more immigration checks at air and sea ports and it’s estimated that the number of customs declarations with increase enormously from 60 million to 300 million a year.

It’s clear that those tasked with keeping our country safe and secure will be under a great deal of pressure, controlling immigration and checking goods in transit. They will need all the help they can get so we’d like to highlight a few of our primary product lines, widely used and appreciated by border security operatives and customs officers around the world.
Making Random Selections

A challenge faced when engaged in searching and inspecting people, baggage, cars and trucks is making truly random selections. Humans are very bad at making random choices as we are all subject to bias, even when we think we aren’t. While we might convince ourselves that we are making random selections - we simply can’t.

The possibility of being accused of discrimination or favouritism, when randomly selecting people, vehicles or bags for thorough inspection, needs to be avoided. The trick is to remove the operative’s influence on the selection process and thereby remove the potential for bias. This can be achieved using our Random Search Selectors.
Random Search Selectors

Our Random Search Selectors take the human element out of the selection process, thereby avoiding any potential accusations of bias. The device is easily configured by setting a selection percentage from 0.5% to 100%, and operation is incredibly simple. When the big red button is pressed the device randomly returns either ‘Search’ or ‘Pass’ directive to the operator relieving them of the responsibility to make random selections.
random search selector.
Products & Services

perimeter security

anticlimb devices

Anti-climb Solutions

Roller Barrier Anti-climb Products

Roller Shield

Security Spikes

Anti-climb Spikes

Fence Spikes

Wall Spikes


High Security Padlocks

Security Hasps, Padbars & Shedbars

Security Chains

High Security Chains

Protector Chains

security cables

Security Ground Anchors

Concrete-in Ground Anchors

Bolt Down Ground Anchors

Motorcycle Anchor Points

Wheelie Bin Locks

Security Screws, Bolts and Fastenings

Concrete Bolts & Multipurpose Screws

FingerPro - Finger Protector door-hinge guard

Fire Door Retainers

Door Closers

Door Security Chain

Door Security Bar

Shed Locking Bar

Window Security Bars (telescopic)

Garage Door Defender

Anti-Arson Mailbox

Metal Detectors & Random Search Selectors

Security Metal Detectors

Walkthrough Metal Detector

Handheld Metal Detector Wand

Random Search Selector

Key Cabinets & Keysafes

Bird Free Bird Deterrents

Bird Free Optical Fire Gel

Bird Deterrent Spikes

Safety & Security Mirrors

Search & Inspection Mirrors

Security Mirrors

Traffic Safety Mirrors

Anti Ligature Mirrors

Driveway Mirrors

Stainless Steel Mirrors

Anti Frost Mirrors

SocketPro Socket Safety Covers (for 13a sockets)

Security Seals & Ties

Traffic Management Products

Traffic Flow Plates

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