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Eythan Kellett
County Meath

About BDRs Limited

Specialists Repair Solutions

Exterior Cladding Repairs
External cladding can be easily damaged during transport & construction. BDR repair all types of cladding panels from all suppliers including Kingspan / Eurobond micro-ribbed.
Cladding repair is not just limited to metal sheeting. Other types of cladding materials can also be repaired, including wooden cladding and masonry cladding.

BDR provides comprehensive cladding repair, cladding paint spraying & refurbishment across Ireland and Europe.

White Wall Repair
Damage to white wall is a very common issue in today's construction. Replacing white wall on completion of the initial construction phase can be incredibly costly and in most situations, may not even be possible due to the installations of mechanical and electrical hardware.

BDR offers clients a hassle free solution to all white wall damages. Using the most efficient equipment on the market BDR completes each project in a dust & fume free manner.
Each team member is highly skilled in delivering flawless results regardless of the size of the repair. All works are completed using water based products.

Fire Door Repairs
BDR is rapidly expanding, growing to what is now Europe's Leading company for cladding and fire-door repairs. Our management team is second to none. We provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism at all times. This allows our projects to run smoothly, on time, within budget, and to a standard that be will incomparable.

Fire-doors are becoming ever more common in all industrial and commercial builds. We offer rapid repair solutions for all damages big or small with guaranteed top quality results.

Curtain Walling Repairs
Curtain walling is used more and more in construction projects. Scratches and dents will quite often occur after installation by other trades.
BDR can repair and repaint scratches and dents to mullions and transoms to a high quality finish.
The damaged area is filled until the correct shape is achieved. BDR's Workmanship is unparalleled.

Data Centre Repairs
BDR was established to supply Ireland’s industrial and commercial industries with unrivalled repair solutions. With over 35 years experience in repairs, combined with our expert knowledge of paint matching, BDR’s Workmanship is unparalleled. BDR is a rapidly expanding company, growing to what is now Ireland’s first choice for cladding and firewall door repairs.

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Cladding repair and data centre repair specialist
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