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Wood pellet boilers

Wood pellet boilers let you heat your whole house and provide your hot water using a renewable fuel. Just like an oil or gas boiler a wood pellet boiler lights itself automatically. You do need to keep it topped up with pellets, and give it a clean every so often.

Government grants

Klover wood Pellet Boilers are MCS certified which means that if your home is off the gas grid and not in an urban location that you can apply for a £5000 government Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant. This grant is also available if you would like to switch to using an air source heat pump to heat your home. We also supply heat pumps.

Types of Klover wood pellet boiler

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Smart 120 central heating cooker

The Smart 120 is perhaps the most popular model because not only will it heat your home, you can also cook and bake on it, an ideal upgrade from an old oil-fired cooker.

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Klover Diva Slim Pellet Boiler

The Diva Slim is available a slim model, designed be more like furniture that heats.

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Klover Ecompact Utility Pellet Boilers

Klover wood pellet utility boilers are designed to be installed in a garage or utility room and can provide the heating and hot water for a whole house. You can link them to an optional wood-pellet hopper and feed system, which will automatically keep the boiler topped up.

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Klover ThermoAura Pellet Boiler Stove

Klover's ThermoAura is low room output boiler stove. With only 3kW to the room and 11kW to water the stove is ideal for modern well insulated homes. The ThermoAura features are room fan to circulate the air in bigger spaces as well as excellent natural convection.

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