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77 Camden Street Lower
Saint Kevin's
D02 XE80

About No Hydro Ireland

At No Hydro, we manufacture a range of high quality waterproofing and damp proofing products.

No Hydro is now a market-leading manufacturer because of our expansive product range that includes penetrating damp (rain penetration), rising damp, liquid waterproofing and cementitious waterproofing products.

About No Hydro
We started offering private and commercial damp proofing and waterproofing services in Northern Ireland back in 2007/8. We started selling products in the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2009 and In 2018, we began offering products internationally. After years of research, we are proud to launch No Hydro in 2021. Our company specialises in professional damp proofing and waterproofing products.

From the moment we begin production until your order arrives at your home, we will go above and beyond to make your experience as simple and trouble-free as possible. We understand how important our relationships with clients and customers are, which is why we have C.S.S.W and C.S.R.T surveyors available to offer any technical support you may require.

No Hydro has a long history of innovation and research, with a strong commitment to both. We invest significant effort and resources in the exploration and development of new products as well as maintenance and improvement of existing products. We use the best materials available, which are all verified for safety and effectiveness before being used. Our products go through hundreds of hours of testing in a lab, as well as on-site testing and user feedback.

No Hydro Masonry Waterproofing Cream
No Hydro Waterproofing Cream is a breathable, colorless, water-repellent sealer for brick, concrete, stonework, and other masonry surfaces. No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream is a long-lasting waterproofing solution for your walls. A single coat of the cream penetrates up to 12mm into the surface and cures to form a water-repellent barrier that lasts for 25 years.

No Hydro Damp Proof Cream (DPC)
No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream is a double strength damp proofing cream that contains high active ingredients. Our silane/siloxae damp proof injection cream is easy to use and creates an effective barrier against rising damp, allowing you to protect your existing buildings.

No Hydro Tanking Slurry
A cementitious compound No Hydro Tanking Slurry is used to apply to the surfaces of walls and solid floors, which could be subject to water ingress and penetrating dampness. Permanent waterproofing for concrete and masonry that can be easily applied with a brush, roller, or spray

No Hydro Liquid Damp Proofing Membrane (DPM)
No Hydro Liquid Applied Damp Proof Membrane is a ready-to-use two coat application and is used a perfect solution for the treatment of damp floors. It acts as an efficient gas barrier against methane and carbon dioxide gases due to its strong bond.

No Hydro Salt Inhibitor & Neutralizer
No Hydro Salt Inhibitor is a concentrated mixture that can be used in sand-cement renders after the installation of a remedial damp-proof course such as No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream. The salt inhibitor not only reduces water demand, but also makes the concrete improves workability.

No Hydro Masonry Water Seal
No Hydro Masonry Water Seal is a clear surface water repellent for masonry. The masonry water repellent can be used to protect brick, stone and concrete façades from penetrating damp, on both old and new buildings. It’s ready to use, and you can apply it with a brush, roller, or spray.


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Damp Proofing Supplies - Prevent Rising damp, Prevent Penetrating Damp, Deal with Dampness
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