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Colm Kiernan
Glen Road
County Co. Meath

About Royalbridge Limited

At Royalbridge, we have a proud legacy of rapid growth and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the construction and excavation industry. Our journey from a fledgling idea to a thriving enterprise is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation.

At the core of Royalbridge Limited is our founder, Colm Kiernan, a young and dynamic leader who embarked on a mission at the age of 22 to create a construction and excavation company that would stand out for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Colm’s entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, and determination to succeed have been the driving forces behind our company’s success. His vision has set new industry standards and consistently exceeded expectations.

Bulk Excavation
Royalbridge is your go-to for top-notch excavation solutions that are reshaping landscapes. Whether we’re talking city vibes, big infrastructure projects, or heavy-duty industrial construction, we’ve got it covered. We roll with the latest and greatest machines and a crew of skilled folks who know their stuff.

Our mission? To give you excavation services that stand out from the rest. We get that every project is different, so we tailor our game to fit your needs. No cookie-cutter stuff here – just personalized solutions that get the job done right.

Why are we a big deal? Well, it’s not just about finishing projects. We’re all about building relationships. We’ve got a track record that speaks for itself – trust, reliability, and success. When you roll with Royalbridge, you’re not just getting excavation; you’re getting a team that’s all in.

In a nutshell, we’re not your average excavation crew. We’re the game-changers, blending high-tech gear, skilled hands, and a commitment to rocking it in the construction world. We’re not just doing the job; we’re redefining how it’s done. Ready for the Royalbridge experience? Let’s reshape some terrain

At Royalbridge, we are more than just a construction and excavation company; we are your trusted partner in comprehensive demolition services. Our expertise in demolition is a natural extension of our commitment to excellence in the construction industry. Demolition is a critical phase in many construction and redevelopment projects, and we bring the same unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and efficiency to this aspect of our services.

Site Clearance
Clearing a work site efficiently and methodically is a vital first step in preparing the groundwork for any construction, development, or environmental remediation project. At Royalbridge, we take great pride in our ability to deliver precise, safe, and environmentally responsible site clearance services that pave the way for success.

Contaminated Soil
At Royalbridge, we take great pride in being one of the select few contractors in Ireland entrusted with the management of all site waste streams, which encompass inert, non-hazardous, and hazardous wastes. This distinction underscores our commitment to comprehensive environmental responsibility. We excel not only in the responsible handling of waste but also in offering valuable support to environmental consultants in their quest for cost-effective soil disposal solutions. Whether it involves the utilisation of Irish landfills or exporting to European landfills, we have the expertise and capabilities to streamline the process efficiently.

Plant Hire Services
Our plant hire services represent a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence in the construction and excavation industry. These services encompass the rental of an extensive range of top-tier equipment, machinery, and vehicles, meticulously maintained and tailored for a broad spectrum of tasks. Royalbridge Plant Hire Services offer a dynamic alternative to capital investment, enabling businesses to access the right tools for their projects without the financial burden of ownership.

At Royalbridge Haulage, we transcend the conventional boundaries of construction and excavation, emerging as your trusted partner for comprehensive hauling services. Our expertise in haulage is a natural extension of our commitment to excellence within the construction industry. Haulage stands as a crucial phase in various construction and redevelopment projects, and we bring the same unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and efficiency to this core aspect of our services. Let’s delve deeper into the world of Royalbridge Haulage and explore the extensive offerings that set us apart in the realm of transporting goods with precision and reliability.

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