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Unit 7A
Sunshine Industrial Estate
County Dublin 12

About Liftman

Easy to Drive, Easy to Park, Easy to Operate

Liftman provide Self Drive CherryPickers for a multitude of uses that require additional height.

You can Hire Self Drive CherryPickers in Crumlin today.

Liftman’s CherryPickers are safe and simple to use.

Liftman have a variety of Cherrypickers and all are available for self-hire on a standard licence.

Hire a machine
  • Short or long term height for hire
  • Our cherry pickers are available for short or long time height for hire.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance included in the hire
  • Drive today on a standard full Irish drivers car licence
  • Paint your house, trim trees overhead, fix roofing problems

Self Drive Hire

Click and Collect
At Liftman, we believe in making life as simple as possible for all our clients when it comes to cherry picker hire. Our friendly staff will take you through the cherry picker hire booking process, and answer any questions you may have. Our machines are of excellent quality, but they are not difficult to handle. You, or your staff, will not need specialist qualifications.

Standard Driving Licence
You will need a full driving licence, and that’s all. We can handle the insurance, the maintenance, the storage, the technical support, and all the other matters that go with machinery. That’s our area of expertise, and it leaves you free to get on with yours.

Decide how long you will want to hire the self-drive platform – from a day to as long as you need. Book your machine, and collect it. When you have finished the job, bring it back.

What could be easier than that?

Self Drive Cherry Picker
Pick Your Own
Our self-drive cherry pickers are simple to use and amazingly versatile. If you have a full Irish driving licence, you may hire one of our machines, collect it when you need it, and return it when the task has been completed.

Hiring vs. Buying
Cherry Picker raised platform machines are expensive to buy, particularly if they are only to be used for a comparatively short-term or seasonal tasks. Capital outlay, storage, insurance and maintenance are all factors that would have to be taken into consideration, and Liftman, with its high-quality ‘Height for Hire’ equipment, relieves the client of all these expensive and difficult issues.

Did you Know – Cherry-Pickers
The Cherry Picker was given its unusual name because it was originally designed to enable pickers to reach high branches when harvesting cherries. It needed to be flexible and comparatively light in order to avoid damage to the trees. These advantages soon became clear to those who saw other uses for manoeuvrable high-level platforms.

Multiple Uses
Cherry Pickers are still used for harvesting fruit, but their uses have extended into most commercial sectors. Wherever there is a need for a high-reach machine, in storage facilities, on building sites, factories and farms, aerial work platforms are to be found. Raised platforms have been used for erecting or replacing advertising hoardings, for repairs to the upper stories of buildings, and they even have a place in the DIY sector; those with a talent for refurbishing the exterior appearance of their property have found a mobile platform to be a far better option than cumbersome scaffolding, or potentially insecure ladders.

Problem-Solving Access
Temporary access to difficult or inaccessible areas can be a problem, particularly for small businesses or individuals for whom expense and storage are matters of importance, or for larger commercial concerns with a short-term access problem to solve.

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