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Milltown Painting

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Irakli Jobava
Merton Hall
Milltown Ave
County Dublin

About Milltown Painting

Milltown Painting is a dynamic developing company dealing with all types of interior, exterior painting and wallpapering in Dublin. Our team of experts has brought together professional painters with extensive experience in both the private and commercial sectors. We pay close attention to every detail in our projects, because the feedback from our customers and the reputation of the company are very important to us, therefore our team works at a completely new high level of service provision, which can be seen from the very beginning of our work.

Milltown Painting's goal is to provide the best service to our customers. We carefully consider your needs and understand that there is nothing more effective to improve the quality of our service than your desire and vision of the project.
Our team always maintains an open dialogue between us and clients, and we also adhere to the principles of work transparency. At all stages, we provide you with access to all information about the painting project. Our professionals are cost-conscious and cut down on unnecessary expenses where possible. First of all, we strive for excellence building an impeccable reputation for the painting company in Dublin, and of course, we are responsible for our work.
Therefore, 99% of our clients come back to us again and give positive recommendations about us. Explore the rest of our services to learn more about what we offer, and get in touch with any questions.

Interior Painting
We are a company that specializes in interior painting in Dublin. We have been in business for over 10 years, and we have worked on projects all around the city. We have painted the interiors of houses, offices, apartments, and retail spaces.

Exterior Painting
Painting the exterior of your home is an important decision that should be made with the help of a professional. We work with both residential and commercial clients in Dublin, so you can have the look you've always wanted and get the best value for your money.

If you’re looking for an affordable, hassle free and professional wallpaper hanging service in Dublin, then look no further than Milltown Painters. Our experienced and friendly team will ensure that your wallpaper is mounted perfectly on your walls with no creases or bubbles in sight.

Spray Painting
Spray painting is the best way to paint any kind of surface. It's fast, it's easy, and it looks really cool.

It's also great for covering large areas quickly and evenly. However, if you're trying to get a high-quality finish on your project, you'll want to use high-quality spray paint as well.

Spray painting can be applied to any material including wood, metal, glass and plastic. The application process includes pre-spraying the surface with a primer; applying your desired colour of paint; cleaning off any excess paint from the surface; then spraying another layer to build up the desired effect.

Furniture Painting
Furniture painting is more than just a new coat of paint. Our decorators use cutting edge techniques and the latest premium paints to bring new life to your furniture. We provide a full range of services including restoration, decorative painting and color matching.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting
The kitchen is the most visited place in the house. That is why the appearance of the furniture is important, it is seen by visitors and owners, the mood can change just by how it looks. Kitchen cabinets painting is an option that helps to restore the interior while saving costs, both in terms of time and effort. We offer our professional kitchens painting service in Dublin, contact us for a free estimate.

Commercial Painting Contractors
We provide commercial painting services to businesses throughout Dublin. Our commercial painters can transform your office space, buildings or homes. From initial ideas and concept drawings for business to contemporary finishes for commercial premises, we can handle any project!

Floor Painting
If you're looking for a way to get your house looking fresh and clean without breaking the bank, then painting floor is the best option. It's easy to use and can be used on any surface of your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. It's also cost-effective, so you don't have to spend a lot of money on replacement materials or labor when you finish up with the project!


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