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Victor Poleon
Glen Abhainn Avenue
County Meath

About Attic Floors & Ladders

Ireland’s Leading Attic Storage Solutions Company
The one forgotten area in a home is the hidden space in your attic, with the help and expertise of Attic Floors & Ladders, you can utilize this space for easy convenient storage. This will allow for all those suitcases, boxes, christmas decorations and keepsakes etc., that are scattered throughout your living space, to be put in one area neatly.

We supply and install high quality raised attic flooring, creating a suitable storage solution from the unused area in your home. Our Attic Ladders / Stairs are WERNER CO / ABRU and FAKRO. these two brands are the world leaders in ladders / stairs.

Attic Insulation: KNAUF Earth Wool and OWENS CORNING Pink, these are made with Ecose technology making them environmentally friendly, non-irritable, non-combustible with extremely high insulating and sound proofing qualities. Attic Water Storage Tanks can be moved or replaced to create even more flooring area for storage.

Attic Floors and Ladders is a SEAI registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes Scheme

All attics have cables, pipes and protrusions, therefore, all attic floors will naturally be RAISED.
Attic Floors & Ladders provide a number of different types of raised flooring, STANDARD: 4 inch (100mm) – 6 inch (150ML) – 8 inch (200ml) and NEW BUILD.
Standard raised flooring is commonly used in an attic when all that’s on top of the joist are cables some small protrusions and low grounded pipes. No need to waste money on a raised floor.
Raised flooring is only required when the insulation is High or at the 12 inch (300mm) regulations and if there are excessive high pipes or ties running across the joists. This does not include the pipe work immediately around the Attic water tank.
New Build, for that brand new house where there is high insulation and ducting for the airflow and heat recovery system, this will require a 6 inch, 8 inch or 9 inch floor to raised above them. (POA)

Insulating your attic is one of the most affordable ways to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. Attic insulation is designed to reduce heat transfer and installing the right type of insulation can have a huge impact on your energy bills. Generally speaking, attic insulation will last for decades in ideal conditions, however, it may need to be replaced or retrofitted if it has lost effectiveness over the years. Upgrading your attic insulation is always worthwhile and with prices starting from €700.00, it won’t take you long to recoup the costs of your new attic insulation.
Whenever you’re installing new insulation, it’s important to make sure that it meets Building Regulations’ recommendation and is at least 300mm thick. Upgrading your attic insulation to this recommended thickness can help to improve your Building Energy Rating (BER) and at Attic Floors & Ladders, we can supply and install your new insulation for you.

At Attic Floors & Ladders, we specialise in replacing and moving water tanks to create more space in your attic. Often, water tanks are installed in the best storage space in an attic, preventing it from being able to be used for storage. Simply moving or replacing the water tank will allow you to maximise the storage area in your attic and move freely around the space to access anything you decide to store here.

When should water tanks be replaced?
Lots of houses still have old steel water tanks and unfortunately, these are extremely problematic. Steel water tanks are prone to rust and they corrode away over time, resulting in leaks that can cause severe damage to your home. Most old water tanks don’t have lids either, so they’re exposed to dust, dirt, insects, and in some cases, small rodents.
If you have a steel water tank, it’s beneficial to replace it with a modern plastic tank that has a lid. This will alleviate all of the problems you’re currently facing, whether your old tank is leaking, making noises, or not filling up correctly. All new plastic tanks will be wrapped in insulation and the pipework is lagged to improve the efficiency of your system and prevent freezing in the winter months too. When you replace your steel water tank, you also have the opportunity to reposition it in a more convenient area in your attic.
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