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Andonis Obretin
County Monaghan
A75 A329

About Adonis Safety Training


Whilst all of our standard courses can be fully delivered online by our accredited trainers, as well as in classrooms at several training centres in Dublin, we can also deliver bespoke training courses at your place of work, all tailored to your needs.

Our Manual Handling course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to conduct all manual handling activities in a safe manner that will prevent injury and is based on the HSA course guidelines.

The course deals with informing participants on the consequences of incorrect manual handling, because if people understand the consequences of incorrect lifting they will pay more attention to lifting correctly, as someone who suffers from severe sciatica and due to my past experiences, I can explain this in great detail to those who don’t believe in manual handling… besides this aspect of the course, on completion, participants will also be able to:

  • Perform specific Manual Handling tasks competently to a recognised standard
  • Complete essential risk assessment prior to completing manual handling tasks
  • Identify Ergonomic factors associated with their work activities
  • Complete a series of exercises designed to improve awareness

Learn about legal responsibilities for both the employee and the employer
Complete a test comprising of ten questions and do practical demonstrations
All trainees who successfully complete the course will receive a fully verifiable certificate valid for 3 years from the date of assessments completion.

The provision and use of work equipment implicitly require that any person using a piece of work equipment that presents a risk to the user, must be trained and that the training covers not only the use but also any hazards arising from the use and the precautions to be observed. It is not correct to presume that because a person has a qualification in a trade, that they are competent with any tools related to that trade. This is especially true of power tools. With this in mind, this training takes a generic approach to training with power tools to enable the person to be aware of the hazards and precautions.


Falls from working at heights are the biggest killer in the construction industry in Ireland. The Working at Heights Regulations 2006 place duties on employers, the self-employed, and any person that controls the work of others (managers or building owners who contract others to work at height) as well as the workers themselves.

The aim is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to work safely at height and in the use of fall arrest equipment.

Remote Ergonomic Assessment / Video Call Consultancy is possible for Temporary Covid-19 Situation. Available Nationwide throughout Ireland by Video Call (Whatsapp, Zoom etc.).
Face to Face Assessments are also available subject to Covid-19 Compliance.

Visual Display Unit (VDU) or Display Screen Assessments (DSE) are required under the 2007 General Application Regulations and must be undertaken on all computer workstations where an employee will spend longer than 1 continuous hour per day on average or are basically habitual users of VDU / DSE equipment.

The purpose of the VDU / DSE Assessment is to assess the ergonomic suitability of the workstation, work equipment and surrounding environment and its compliance with the 2007 General Application Regulations.

The VDU / DSE User should be put first as every person is different and different adjustments may be required at each workstation due to the comfort and preferences of each user. A one for all approach defies the basic principles of ergonomics and should never be employed as no one person is the same. Incorrect VDU / DSE layout can cause many problems including musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive strain injuries, visual fatigue and increased stress levels to name just a few


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