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Block B, The Crescent Building
County Dublin
D09 C6X8

About A Rate Your Attic

Welcome to A Rate Your Attic!

Did you know that putting a hat on your house will save you a massive 30% on your heating bills?

We like to keep things simple at A Rate Your Attic. All we do, all day, everyday is insulate attics to the very highest standards in our industry. Our commitment to you, the homeowner, is unrivalled and our customer satisfaction record is unparalleled . Our specialist team make the process so straight forward for you at the most competitive industry rates, we know you will not be disappointed after you contact us.

We will not be beaten on quality or price and are passionate about bringing an affordable energy saving solution to Irish homeowners.

Book Your Free Assessment today and Save €250 on the cost of your installation.

  • To reduce your fuel bills?
  • To increase your BER?
  • To add value to your home?
  • To save on carbon taxes?
  • To help the environment?
  • A more comfortable home?

We can help you!

What is right insulation for my property?
The two most common types of attic insulation are Floor Insulation (Earth Wool) and Roof Insulation (Spray Foam). The best option for your home will depend on what your future plans for the attic space are and the nature of the construction of your property. Our expert advice will ensure you don’t make a mistake by installing an incorrect system. Please read more for further product information.

Loft Roll (Floor)
Insulating the floor in your attic is the most common and most cost effective way to insulate your attic space. By stopping the heat at ceiling level on the landing you create what we call a cold attic. This method is most efficient as you prevent your heat entering the attic space unnecessarily. This increases your overall comfort and fuel savings greatly and the results are tangible immediately. The day the job is done is the day you feel warmer and your fuel costs get lower.

U Values
200mm Kanufwool Loft Roll = U Value 0.15 kWh
300mm Kanufwool Loft Roll = U Value 0.11 kWh

Spray Foam (Roof)
Spray foam insulation is recommended if you are converting the attic or planning to in the future. Opposite to insulating the floor, insulating between the roof rafters allows heat to travel in the attic void which is recommended if you are planning to turn it in to living space. If you have no intention of converting the attic in to a room we would recommend Floor Insulation. Spray Foam will too increase the comfort and value of your property.

U Values
4" E:ZERO E500 Foam = U Value 0.36 kWh
6" E:ZERO E500 Foam = U Value 0.24 kWh

Ventilation is a key component of any attic insulation upgrade. Ensuring the attic space has adequate cross flow of air to remove any build up of moisture is an SEAI grant and regulatory requirement. If your attic does not have existing ventilation don't worry. As part of your upgrade our installation team can install suitable ventilation giving you peace of mind you have future proofed your attic from heat loss and potential future issues. The best type of ventilation will depend on the construction of your property and roof. Our experts will advise you which type of ventilation best suits your home and requirements.

What is included in a typical upgrade and what is the cost?

45m2 x 200mm Earth Wool loft roll insulation to attic floor

Attic Pack
1 x cold water storage insulation
1 x miscellaneous pipework insulation
1 x trap door insulation
1 x draught proofing of trap door
1 x plumbers walkway to cold water storage tank
Prices from only €350

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