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1 Galena Road
W6 0LT
England UK

About KP eNView Ltd

Noise, Vibration & Dust monitoring. Redesigned.

We understand that acoustics are critical factors to the wellbeing and safety of any industrial, environmental or residential ecosystem. So we’ve designed a system that provides continuous, on-demand, audible and seamless data in a smart and cost effective all-in-one system

Avoid the high cost and complexity of retro-fitted Sound Level Meters in weather proof boxes. Meet eNView™, a flexible system loaded with cutting-edge technology, designed for your applications. Purpose-built to save you time, and money. eNView™ is a reliable, robust solution for all your environmental monitoring needs.

Measuring noise, vibration, or dust separately made easy
eNView™ can take simultaneous inputs for noise, vibration, and dust. But you don’t have to use all three bundles at once. Even if you only want one data parameter, eNView™ is priced to remain competitive. As projects develop, simply buy an additional bundle.
eNView™ and its associated bundles meet the requirements of Class 1 IEC 61672-1:2013, IEC 61260, ISO 8041:2005, and MECERTS.

Say goodbye to outdated retrofit sound level meters in large, heavy systems
Weighing only 1.6kgs each, you can fit several eNView™ devices in a backpack and dispense with the van or costly transport arrangements to get them to site locations. Small and discrete, eNView™ features security screw fixings and the ability to add chains to the device – making it smart too. And if any cables are removed, built-in GPS and real-time alerts significantly reduce the risk of onsite theft.

eNView Cloud™ is your online cloud management platform to enable you to configure and control all of your device settings. Share data with your Clients under your brand including a multilevel administration function and the highest level of data security. Manage data, projects, locations and real-time alerting in a user-friendly environment.

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Noise, Vibration & Dust monitoring
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