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Fire Service Group Ltd

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Ewan Dunsire
Main Admin Room 111
Pinewood Studios
County London

About Fire Service Group Ltd

Fire solutions for the UK

FSG was set up by firefighters, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the commercial sectors. FSG services range from Fire Risk Assessments for commercial properties, supplying and servicing extinguishers, and providing full crews and vehicle fire cover for industrial premises.

Our team is made up of highly motivated experienced fire professionals from all backgrounds including local authority, airport, military and industrial fire services. Providing a bespoke service to the needs of your industry we can supply training to ensure your staff are ready to deal with the unexpected.

We're here to provide expertise at all levels in our services. We have experienced professionals that are able to teach and guide you through each area and you will be equipped with skills to adapt to different situations and have a raised fire awareness.

Our Services
We provide all aspects of fire service activities, from simple advice to full-crew site fire protection. We operate nationwide and are the leading provider of private fire and rescue services in the UK. Our practical knowledge and on-the-job experience ensure that we can provide each customer with bespoke, cost-effective solutions to managing and reducing risk from fire at their business premises.

Waking Watch
Fire Services Group can provide 24/7 cover for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial properties nationwide. All personnel provided are fully qualified and experienced firefighters and can provide the knowledge needed to ensure your properties are being fully protected at all times. Our teams are also highly experienced in providing efficient and professional cover, creating and implementing fire evacuation strategies for tower blocks.

Fire Risk Assessment
We provide Fire Risk Assessments for all types of commercial and industrial premises ensuring your business conforms to the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Zenova Heat Management
Zenova produce cutting edge heat management products. Fire Services Group have become a distributor of all Zenoa products.

Fire Awareness
Whatever environment you operate in all staff legally require Fire Awareness training. At Fire Services Group we provide the necessary training by fully qualified and accredited instructors. We can provide initial and refresher training ensuring that you stay compliant.

Fire Cover
We can provide crews and vehicles ensuring you have the correct amount of fire cover.

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Training
Fire extinguishers play a crucial part in every business. Should a small fire be discovered and dealt with in a timely manner it can save time, money and heartache.

FSG can guide and supply you with the correct fire extinguisher. We won't just rock up and leave you with a load of extinguishers that you are unsure of what to do with, we can come in and train all your staff in how to operate them correctly and safely in an emergency.

Lithium Battery Fires
Regular extinguishers are useless against Lithium Battery Fires. As these batteries become more readily available, so does the risk of fire caused by a damaged battery going into "Thermal Runaway".

The Zenova FX extinguisher range can be used to extinguish Lithium fires. The FX range is one of the only extinguishers that can be safely used on every fire class. Not only does this save you costs on training, but in the long run, you save money by not having to purchase multiple types of extinguishers for a single location. This takes the guesswork out of which extinguisher to use in an emergency.


Fire Service Group Ltd General Description

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