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Joseph Reilly
County Co Longford

About Solar PV Panel Ireland

Solar PV Panels Ireland

Start Your Renewable Energy Journey Today
Welcome to Solar PV Panels Ireland. Whether your home is a new build or a renovation or you just want to save and store energy, get in touch today to see just how much you can save on your electricity costs with photovoltaic panels.
We install solar PV systems anywhere in Ireland. From Dublin to Galway, Sligo and Westmeath. Just book your project and we will be there.

Site Survey
We visit your site and make sure everything is in place for your solar panel installation

Roof Orientation
Roof orientation and available space will play a part in your solar PV system renewable energy pay back.

Energy Requirement
We will calculate your current energy needs and also your future requirements and plan your installation to your needs.

The next stage is the planning and design of your solar panel installation. How many panels you will need and also the option to store surplus energy.

Now for the important bit! We will get a full outline of work required and costs to install your solar panel installation.

Finally, we send our fully qualified crew to carry out your solar PV system install. This install is carried out swiftly with no disruption to your normal supply.

Ground Mounting
Should you not have enough roof space for your energy demands, there are other options available for domestic solar panels in Ireland. If you have some free space in your back garden our ground mounted kits can allow for extra space that your roof cannot provide.

Roof Mounting
Although solar panels will work perfectly in over cast cloudy days, they will be more efficient in direct sunlight. Therefore roof orientation and size and space will be the first factors to consider on our site visit.

Electric Car Chargers
The world is changing at a rapid pace and we are all trying to keep up. Solar and Electric car charging technology is at its peak and it is fast becoming a normal part of all of our lives. Solar PV Panels Ireland are safe electric registered and EV charger installation experts. Not only do we install electric car chargers across Ireland but we can also design a solar panel system to charge your electric vehicle so you can cut down on your energy bills.

Combine solar & EV
Combining solar energy and electric car charging is an excellent way to save money. One great way to achieve this is by building a carport shelter with solar pv panels on its roof. Your EV charger can be mounted in the shelter and much if not all of its power can be supplied by solar energy. Check out this video to learn about the benefits of combing you electric car with solar energy here. Click the contact us button below to get in touch and find out more.

TAMS 3 Solar Grant
Many farmers in Ireland face tough challenges to stay in business and make a profit. Add to that the soaring cost of electricity. Solar PV Panels Ireland can help farmers gain independence from the national grid and cut down on rising electricity costs. With the introduction of the new TAMS 3 grant that is its own stand alone grant for Solar PV for farms in Ireland.

The TAMS 3 grant offers farmers 60% grant aid towards the cost of their installation up to a ceiling of €90000. This is a much welcomed grant especially for pig, poultry and diary farmers who have astronomical energy bills. Get in touch and Solar PV Panels Ireland will create a full design and quote for your agricultural enterprise.

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Solar PV Panel Ireland General Description

Solar PV Panels Ireland are one of the most well known solar energy companies in Ireland. Our background was originally in domestic and commercial electrical installations. Since moving to solar panels installations in Ireland we have never looked back!
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