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Coes Road
Marshes Lower
County Louth

About Plumbavent

Plumbavent Ltd Is a supplier of Ventilation products

Ventilation Solutions
PlumbaVent Ltd specialises in the design, installation, and commissioning of:
  • Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR)
  • Continuous Mechanical Extraction
  • Single room MVHR units

Ventilation systems, utilising PlumbaVent ducting system, known for its expertise in creating the most suitable air management systems for various projects, whether it's an extraction system only
  • Or Full MVHR
  • Or MVHR with air conditioning / heating
  • Or Single room MVHR

The focus is always on ensuring a fresh and controlled environment for end-users by effectively managing the air they breathe.

PlumbaVent has developed a system of ductwork, fittings and manifolds that are simple and fast to install but meet all the requirements for an efficient ventilation strategy. The system is aimed at plumbers, self-builders and professional ducting installers that want a guaranteed fast and predictable outcome.

The fittings minimise air disruption with unique air-directional vanes which will not prevent cleaning in the future. The manifold connectors have an incorporated valve which allows fast commissioning while the system is running to provide the correct airflow to each outlet. Air volume is only adjusted at the manifold instead of the ceiling outlet, allowing duct pressure to be maintained at the least pressure minimising air noise. The manifolds feature built-in attenuation to reduce sound transfer up to 45%. The products are tested by the British Research Institute and Sap Appendix Q-listed.

The MVHR ducted system offered by PlumbaVent provides a full ventilation solution with heat recovery during winter and bypass mode during summer, utilising exterior air to cool the interior. This system ensures filtered clean air for a comfortable home environment while operating quietly and with meticulous management of the ductworks to maintain cleanliness and prevent static and bacteria build-up.

For efficient air extraction in wet areas, PlumbaVent offers the cMEV-extraction only system, which replaces the extracted air through strategically placed air vents in walls and/or windows. This system effectively controls moisture and eliminates odours from wet rooms, ensuring proper air circulation and freshness throughout the building.

Key features:
  • Easy click-together parts
  • Sap appendix Q listed
  • Tested to be better or equal to solid metal ducting
  • 50% faster to install than metal or rigid plastic.
  • Anti-static and anti-bacterial inner coating
  • Tested by BRE

Genvex Machines
Genvex is a Danish company producing machines since 1974, it has a long history of producing ventilation systems for homes throughout Europe. It is a member of the NIBE energy systems. The machines listed here cover all the home sizes and are all NZEB compliant.

Room Ventilation With Heat Recovery
This unit when installed on an outside wall will provide room ventilation with heat recovery up to 96%. They can work independently or as a system connected to other units in the same room or throughout the building to provide clean fresh air with controlled moisture and Co2 levels.

Units are supplied with a Ø 160 (or 100 mm for bathrooms) installation pipe and have very low energy consumption. The units are ideal for ventilating single rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms, offices, or classrooms. They can provide a full house / office solution for balanced ventilation. To achieve this the units would always be used in pairs with synchronous control. The system represents the perfect solution for maintaining a healthy indoor climate and removing CO2, impurities and moisture from the air that are capable of adversely affecting the health of the occupants and impairing the building fabric.

Continuous Mechanical Extraction Ventilation
As the name suggests, this unit will extract from the kitchen and wet areas on a continuous basis. Fresh air enters the building through wall vents or window slots.

It will keep the house fresh but unlike the previous two there is no energy recovery.


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Ventilation design and supply company
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