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Elite Air Climate Control

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Brendan Bagnall
County Co Kildare

About Elite Air Climate Control

Design & Installation of Humidification Solutions

Elite Air Climate Control have been contracted for various air conditioning and humidification projects throughout Ireland.

We can design, specify & install systems to suit your budget & requirements.

We offer maintenance & support for all climate control throughout the life cycle of your project.

Split Systems
A single unit split system connects one indoor unit with one outdoor unit. These are a very popular solution for single zone spaces that require air conditioning at an affordable price.

The most common option for this type of system is a wall mounted unit as per the diagram which can be controlled via remote control by the customer.

We can supply units from 2kw to 10kw which will be sized to suit the space that requires air conditioning.

This type of system is ideal for a small office space or for an addition to a zone that has not been included in an overall air conditioning system.

A split system can also be supplied as a reverse cycle operation which can provide cool air in Summer and warm air in Winter.

Multi Split Systems
A multi split system connects multiple indoor units of optional types to a single outdoor unit.

These systems are ideal where you have requirements for multiple zones needing air conditioning which can all be individually set and controlled from a single outdoor unit. This saves space as well as looks neater.

Service and maintenance costs are also reduced as you have less parts to maintain.

Multi split systems can control wall mounted units, floor mounted units as well as ceiling cassette type units making them versatile and perfect for retail, hospitality and office blocks.

VRF Systems are similar to multi split systems in how they operate where they are a single outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. The main difference is in how they adjust the refrigerant flow based on each individual units cooling requirements.

These systems are ideal for larger commercial spaces where there can be multiple levels of cooling requirements.

VRF systems can generally be connected to up to 50 indoor units of various types such as cassette, wall, ceiling, floor etc.

Systems can be specified to include heat recovery & heating and cooling.

Humidity control systems are vital where there is a requirement to add moisture to space. These can range from preserving artifacts in museums to creating a healthy working environment.

Humidity control is also essential to many processes that require efficient, reliable operation of machinery and equipment from printing to telecommunications.

The Carel system we install and maintain is an industry leading product and means you will benefit from one of the most energy efficient solutions to meet your environmental changes.

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