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Ciaran Eakin
25, Barnes Road
County LondonDerry
BT47 4DH
Northern Ireland

About JTR Partitions Ltd


At JTR Partitions Ltd in the UK & Ireland, we provide all types of plasterboard for timber-framed properties, traditional houses and apartments, plus Industrial and commercial buildings. Our services include cavity walls, loft conversions, shop fit-outs, wall partitioning, stud wall partitions, wall rendering, dry lining, plasterboarding, suspended ceilings, drywall and wall cladding.

Established since 2016, we provide a professional and reliable service to a wide range of domestic and commercial clients across the UK and Ireland.

Partition walls, dry lining and plasterboard are our key areas of work. Our partitions include a metal stud wall which is closed off either side of the wall with plasterboard. In fact, plasterboard can be used in a variety of ways such as fixing it to timber stud walls - normally done by the carpenter beforehand. Or it can also be used in other ways to make old or rough walls look better, as the plasterboard provides an instantly smooth surface.

Choose JTR Partitions Ltd for expertly installed drop ceilings to give your property a clean, smart, smooth finish that hides internal wiring, plumbing and other objects that would otherwise look unsightly and be potentially hazardous. We cover the UK and Ireland.

At JTR Partitions Ltd, we have an enviable reputation for delivering quality workmanship when we install suspended ceilings, plasterboard and more. We are specialists in our line of work and always provide quality workmanship that you can rely on.

Suspended ceilings have aesthetic benefits because they enable the hiding or covering over of a building’s infrastructure, such as wiring, pipework and sprinkler systems. Drop ceilings can also have an acoustic insulation effect and deaden or reduce noise levels in relation to adjacent rooms. This naturally benefits any working environment by enabling greater concentration levels and comfort.

JTR Partitions Ltd covers the UK & Ireland and have been installing wall partitions for large commercial contractors since 2016. Metal stud partitioning incorporates a metal framework to which plasterboard is secured, and it's quick and cost-effective. We also do plasterboard and dry lining projects.

Partition walls are:
  • A cost-effective way of creating spaces
  • Private, especially when you choose a partition with a premium acoustic rating
  • Strong and safe – a good quality partition can absorb vibrations and provide structural stability.
  • They are also resistant to heat, damp and mould
  • Lightweight and are easy to install – installing a partition is far less disruptive

There are a number of benefits to installing partitions in an office space. They are more cost effective to heat or cool, and the temperature can be tailored to the individual user’s requirements. By creating individual zones they provide a more welcoming workspace, and this increases productivity by reducing distractions and increasing privacy.

Plasterboard is used to provide a smooth surface for a skim plaster finish. JTR Partitions Ltd will provide quality plasterboard to give you the best finish for your walls, whether in a domestic or commercial property.

Plasterboarding is a commonly used material for preparing walls to be plastered. It can be attached directly to brick work and is very useful for covering uneven or ugly walls. It is much easier and quicker to install than wet plaster, making it a much more cost-effective option. Wet plastering requires a lot of training and skill, and a good plasterer can be difficult and expensive to hire.

Plasterboard is much faster to install than using the more traditional method of wet plaster, which can take a long time to dry. Plasterboard is simply cut to fit and screwed either directly onto the wall or onto battens. Then a jointing compound is applied to the joints and screw holes to create a smooth finish, ready for the final skimming layer.

At first glance, dry lining seems very similar to plasterboarding, and the terms are often confused. Dry lining is a term that has come across from the United States, and it still involves plasterboard, however it doesn’t need a skim coat of plaster due to the taping and jointing method. Dry lining is the finish on the wall after plasterboard is installed leaving it finished for painters.

Joint tape is used to bridge the gaps between the sheets of plasterboard, then a jointing compound is used to strengthen the joints and stop cracks appearing. More compound is then applied, feathered, and sanded down to create a smooth and uniform finish, ready to be papered or painted.

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JTR Partitions Ltd General Description

JTR Partitions Ltd in the UK & Ireland, we provide all types of plasterboard for timber-framed properties, traditional houses and apartments, plus Industrial and commercial buildings. Our services include cavity walls, loft conversions, shop fit-outs, wall partitioning, stud wall partitions
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