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Asset International Structures Ltd

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Craig Evans
Suite 5 Brecon House
William Brown Close
NP44 3AB
Wales UK
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08:30 am-03:30 pm
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About Asset International Structures Ltd


asset International Structures Ltd are the leading design and supply consultants for the road, rail, renewables and utilities sectors.

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, our team find innovative ways to deliver value-added engineered solutions through an ongoing design consultancy service.

Our core target is to deliver sustainable products to support infrastructure projects both within the UK & Ireland as well as internationally. asset's products are built for future, designed for life.

Built for future, design for life
Our ever-expanding portfolio consists of steel, concrete and FRP products specifically designed using modern methods of construction for the road, rail, renewables and utilities sectors, with a design life of up to 120 years.

Our aim is to accelerate safety on-site with modular construction, increase the speed of installation with lightweight, easily transportable solutions, and deliver on our ESG promises with products that minimise embodied carbon and hold sustainability at their core.

asset MultiPlate MP200
asset MultiPlate® is a construction system based around corrugated, curved, galvanised steel sheets which are bolted together to form durable structures or part structures, of variable profiles that can be deployed in a variety of civil engineering applications.

asset StrenCor
asset StrenCor is the versatile deep corrugated structure for the road and rail sector, designed for a range of applications. The structure can be assembled adjacent to the job site, then moved into place using relatively light lifting equipment.

asset BaFix
asset BaFix provides an innovative track ballast shoulder retention system for the rail industry. The key benefit of installing the system is retaining the loss of ballast over time whilst creating a long-term stable border for the ballast.

asset BEBO Concrete Arch
The asset BEBO® Concrete Arch is a standardised patented precast arch system for the design and construction of earth overfilled bridges, tunnels, culverts and green bridges.

asset BEBO Green Bridge
asset BEBO® Green Bridges minimise embodied carbon through simple modular construction. The concrete arch structures have also been designed with surrounding wildlife and ecosystems in mind.

asset VSoL Retained Earth Wall System
The asset VSoL Retained Earth Wall System is a cost-effective construction technique suitable for a variety of retaining wall applications. It is easy to install and can be used for a range of conditions.

asset FRP Rail Platform
The asset FRP Rail Platform's high specification is designed to perform under all weather conditions, and will not deteriorate during chemical de-icing and high levels of foot traffic at stations.

asset FRP Bridges, Decks & Cantilever Sidewalks
asset FRP Bridges and Bridge Decks are suitable for any access requirements, and are a perfect fit for areas with difficult access. asset FRP Cantilever Sidewalks allow extensions to existing road and rail bridges to create safe walking and cycling spaces.

asset FRP Bridge Beam
asset FRP Bridge Beams provide strength and stability to bridge structures. Made from a lightweight, durable material, installation times are also reduced along with carbon emissions.

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Bridges 24 Exhibition

We are excited to share that we will be exhibiting at Bridges 2024 at the Coventry Building Society (CBS) Arena on 13th March.

We will be showcasing our innovative range of modular bridge products that provide safe infrastructure for the road and rail sectors. Our full Exhibitor Profile can be found here:

If you will be in attendance at Bridges 24 this year, make sure you pop along to Stand C10 to see how we can support your next infrastructure project.
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Name Role Email Telephone
Richard McTavish Managing Director +44 (0)1633 499830
Victoria McTavish Senior Brand Designer & Project Coordinator +44 (0)1633 499830
Sean Pattimore Product Sales Manager (Concrete) +44 (0)7584 981078
David Mason Product Sales Manager (Steel) +44 (0)7712 880742
Graham Carson Senior Sales Consultant (Rail) +44 (0)7776 712083
Kang Lim Koh Technical Estimating Manager +44 (0)1633 499830
Craig Evans Digital Marketing & Communications Executive +44 (0)1633 499830
Matt Jones Management Accountant +44 (0)1633 499830

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Asset International Structures Ltd are the leading design and supply consultants for the road, rail, renewables and utilities sectors.
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