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County Co Dublin
D15 XN12

About Fast Ceiling Construction Ltd

We are Fast Ceiling - an Irish company that creates data centers in Europe, especially Denmark and the Netherlands. We are also masters in ceilings and walls. We come up with ideas and solutions for any challenge, We have successfully developed a lot of projects which it means that we are the first at the stage of trust and collaboration. Come and experience how we make things as perfect as possible for you

We were working at the highest speed
We use modern technologies to develop our projects. Regardless of whether it is a wall, a ceiling or a data center, we do it at the highest possible speed. We do the work within the set deadline

A strong team that comes up with solutions
We have a dedicated and strong team in what we do. The client's wish is law for us. Each employee is an expert. Let us convince you of the strength of our team

Experience in various complicated works
During our development, we developed a lot of projects. The market knows that we are the solution. Your complicated problem is a daily routine for us.

Ecology in the foreground
Because we care about the environment!!!. The works we will carry out at your request will not affect the environment. Even the garbage from the construction is carefully collected. The future with us is green.

We are building internationally across all of Europe.
Building a data center is the process of constructing a facility to house computer systems, storage, and IT equipment for data handling. It involves building the physical infrastructure, including space, power, and cooling, to support the critical technology inside these specialized facilities.

White Walls Installation from panels or plasterboard
In the current market, ecological walls are gaining prominence, known for their superior quality and efficient installation. Our experienced team specializes in creating white walls, essential for modern interior design. We employ innovative methods such as plasterboard and panels, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Our focus is on delivering successful projects, providing customers with beautiful and durable spaces. Dedicated to sustainability, we prioritize ecological materials in wall construction, making our projects modern and environmentally friendly.

Fast ceilings installed, through metal support
In the world of repairs, everyone's desire is to see the job completed promptly and, obviously, with quality at the forefront. Proudly representing this model, we can state that our ceilings are installed and completed with remarkable speed. Our performance in terms of speed and quality places us at the forefront of the industry. Given that we are recognized as the best at what we do, our clients benefit from an exceptional result without compromising the quality of our work. It is our privilege to be a leader in the field, ensuring that we always deliver on our promise to deliver high quality results in the shortest possible time.


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