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Ronaldsway House
3 Lower Queens Road
County North Somerset
BS21 6LX
England UK

About Dome (uk) Limited

Dome UK Ltd, incorporated in 1983, has been involved in the design and construction of specialised salt storage facilities since the early 1990s.

The buildings supplied today have evolved from a design which originated in Canada in the late 1940s with over 3500 now in place across North America.

The company has focused on providing low maintenance, long lasting salt storage buildings for Highway Authorities in the UK and Ireland with over 130 now in use.

Recently the building has been considered for storage of a wide range of other bulk materials including biomass for power generation, aggregates, agricultural materials and potash.

Designed for tipping, dry storage and loading in and out of bulk solids by loader or conveyor, the Dome prevents escape of leachate, dust and reduces odours.

The Dome is equipped with a fan to remove vehicle fumes. Lighting, gutters and a roller shutter door or gates are all optional.

Dome (uk) Limited ImageDome (uk) Limited Image
Dome (uk) Limited ImageDome (uk) Limited Image

Why Cover Salt?

The Audit Commission Report (1988) on Improving Highway Maintenance considered the savings that can be made by covering road salt by eliminating leaching and reducing overspreading. It quoted TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) work that estimates leaching losses at 0.25% per inch of rainfall per annum. For the UK this can equate to up to 6% salt loss each year.

National guidelines now confirm that traditional precautionary spread rates can be safely reduced as low as 7g/sq.metre if the moisture content of the salt is kept consistently low by storage in a purpose built barn. This can ensure a quick payback on the investment in a Dome and dramatically increase resilience by conserving stocks.

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Storing Bulk Materials

Whilst effort in the UK has been concentrated on developing the Dome for storage of road salt, the building has been used worldwide for the storage of a wide range of materials including biomass for power generation, aggregates, agricultural materials and potash.

We also cover Ireland & Scotland

Dome (uk) Limited Image Dome (uk) Limited Image Dome (uk) Limited Image

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