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At long last the age-old problem of constructing and maintaining wood based roof overhangs is now a thing of the past with the Award Winning masonry roof overhang - RoofBLOCK.

Instead of building in obsolescence with timber between the brick walls and roof tiles that last for centuries, RoofBLOCK - a one piece fascia and soffit block in high quality durable masonry provides an inexpensive and totally maintenance-free finish to last the life-time of a building.

The easy to use masonry roof overhang RoofBLOCK eliminates the need to build any timber into the exterior of our homes - either structural in the form of gable ladders with their inherent problems of construction or using finishing boards that constantly need costly maintenance.

RoofBLOCK is suitable for all roof types including flat, hipped or pitched roofs and can create roofing details that would normally be difficult to construct in timber. Being non-combustible and unsusceptible to rot or insect attack, RoofBLOCK will never need replacing, as a result our buildings will now last much longer adding value to our homes and saving homeowners thousands of pounds in repainting and repair costs.

The unique design of RoofBLOCK can also deliver productivity savings on site by speeding-up construction of the gable walls, as there is no need to cut the brickwork to follow the slope of the roof. Not only does this save time and on material wastage, the end result looks much neater and is more visually attractive to the eye.

With climate change and the predicted increases in wind speeds, it is very important that the roof tiles stay in place especially at the edges of the gables which are most at risk. One way of guaranteeing this is by directly bedding the gable roof tiles in mortar on top of the RoofBLOCK masonry roof overhang, thus ensuring that our buildings are ready for all eventualities.

As over 50% of accidents are due to falls from heights, RoofBLOCK will also make a significant contribution to saving lives and reducing the number of accidents with its introduction as required by the Construction, Design & Management Regulations.

Made efficiently in the most modern factory in Europe from recycled materials, RoofBLOCK is available in a wide range of colours and its bold moulded profile will provide an attractive feature to enhance and protect your building for years to come.

For more information on this exciting innovation and to download a brochure visit our web site at

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