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C-Tec N.I Limited
We at C-Tec are a company who design, develop and distribute revolutionary problem preventing products for the construction and building repair market. Our focus is totally dedicated to this area offering unique production standard products to replace the outdated and often poor quality products that professional trades people up until now have had no other option but to use.

C-Tec was born in 2004 when the directors, who had been successfully involved over the last 25 years in:- 
  • Sales and marketing on an international level
  • Developing and implementing marketing structures
  • Creating, consolidating and implementing professional sales systems
  • Developing and running direct sales companies, supplying hi-tech maintenance products into industrial & automotive end user markets
  • Consulting with and on behalf of major adhesive and sealant manufactures
developed a partnership with one of the largest and most successful sealant and adhesive manufacturers in the world to fill a desperately needed niche in the market. Since the introduction of our first product CT1, C-Tec has grown from strength to strength. As part of the course C- Tec invested time and money in market research to ascertain the needs and problems that our potential customers were encountering. The results were quite shocking to say the least. The biggest problem was having to re-do installations or repairs due to adhesives or finishing products failing, i.e. The Snag List. The cost and loss of profit due to the failures was staggering. Hence the birth of our CT1 The Snag List Eliminator.

Is to continue research & development in order to fulfil our customer needs in their daily projects. To improve further the performance of our products and to continually ensure through our partners ISO 9001/2 in manufacturing and our ISO 9001 service. To be consistent in our product quality and service at all times, continually developing a distribution network for a nationwide accessibility to our range.

C-Tec products are developed by listening to our customers and the market, for example the market asked for a sealant that could be: 
  • Applied on wet surfaces, even underwater
  • Immediate seal result
  • A sealant V.O.C free (Volatile organic compound) – absolutely no shrinkage
  • That could be painted

The same sealant also to act as a sanitary or bactericidal. In addition, for the sealant to act as a formidable construction adhesive to bond numerous materials such as: 
  • All stone including marble
  • All metals including lead
  • Glass and most plastics  
The market seemed to be asking the impossible but C-Tec delivered on demand. CT1, The Snag List Eliminator, the Unique Sealant and Construction Adhesive replacing eight products in one. All our subsequent products have been developed based on the same ethos. They have to be unique in their technology and quality and must fill the Snag List Eliminator criteria.

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