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Academy Fireplaces

Academy Fireplaces – Experts Since 1947
Academy Fireplaces is a retail outlet for both genuine antique and reproduction fireplaces. It is a family run business based in Michael Duffy Antiques 10 Parnell St Dublin 1. Our family has been dealing in fireplaces and antique furniture since 1947. We pride ourselves on personal service and value for money.

If you are considering buying a new fireplace we have a great range to choose from:
  • Portland stone gothic style (resin)
  • Wexford (cream marble)
  • Edwardian (cream or white marble)
  • Fern 48' shelf (cast iron)
  • Wexford 54' shelf (oak)
  • Dublin corbel 54' shelf (cream or white marble)
  • Dublin corbel 60' shelf (cream or white marble)
  • Portland stone style corbel 53' shelf (resin)
  • Celtic 36' or 48' shelf (cast iron)
Alternatively, if you are looking to sell an antique or cast iron marble fireplace we pay very generously.
Academy Fireplaces
10 Parnell Street
Dublin 1
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