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Connemara Granite
Connemara Granite Iceage Landscaping & Water Feature Boulders

Connemara Granite has discovered thousands of glacial boulders at their quarry located beside Galway Bay, which were deposited there during the last ice-age.

The boulders are naturally preserved in shallow peat and will add significant value and grace to any property or garden acquiring them for landscaping or water features.

Connemara Granite boulders range in size from less than a 1/4 ton in weight to over 30 tons and 12 inches in diameter to over 8 feet in diameter. Your choice is very flexible and we will bore or shape these boulders for landscaping or water features for you if you wish.

Our granite boulders are sourced from below ground at our planning compliant quarry that lies between the Twelve Pins Mountains and Galway Bay in the West of Ireland. We can offer three types of boulders as follows:
  • White boulders which are naturally bleached in bog peat over thousands of years
  • Grey weathered glacial boulders
  • Cut or shaped boulders in bluish grey with ornate pink, white, black and green colours running through it, these boulders are very aesthetic.

Every care is taken to protect the boulders from the time they are unearthed in our quarry until the time they are delivered and displayed by the customer.

Granite stone requires great skill and ability to cut and shape due to its hardness as any good stonemason will testify and those buildings and gardens with granite stone will retain its eternal beauty as the stone transforms majestically for centuries defying Mother Nature's harsh weather and retaining its owner’s legacy.

We also have a supply of bog oak which is about 10,000 years old, much of it still clinging to mother earth and waiting for a sculptor or landscaper to unravel an ancient secret.

Connemara Granite will also suplply cut granite building stone for house or wa cladding and random granite stone for wall building as well as granite kerbs.

Our granite monuments have graced the resting place of loved and cherished souls forever heralding the love and respect to the heavens of their sweethearts, family or friends. Our products are natural products that are taken out of the ground kindly which can be sculpted, or turned into any perpetual shape or design you wish.

Connemara Granite will offer discounts for larger orders to retailers, wholesalers or contractors. We are committed to build long lasting relationships with organisations who find that our granite stone compliments and enhances their brands, products and good reputation.

Our webpage will shortly be online with exciting new offers. All our products are naturally sourced in Connemara in the West of Ireland within Connemara Granite's quarry.

We also wish to thank the hardworking and innovative team at Keystone Magazine for offering us this wonderful opportunity to introduce Connemara Granite to you.
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