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At iconnect we can offer an affordable simple to use systems for the control of all the lighting, heating, security and entertainment in your home.

At the touch of a button you can be in control of all of the environmental elements of each room in your house. Control lights, music, thermostats, security systems and even all your DVD collection from a keypad on the wall, remote controls and even remotely from your phone or computer.

Whether you are building your dream home, or renovating your current home iconnect have a solution for you to make the end result very special. We believe we can add value to your property and your everyday living environment.

Whilst you may believe that building technology into your home may not be top of your priorities and you may think of it as a luxury, but here at iconnect we think it is best to keep one step ahead of the game and be ready for the future not stuck in the past.

During the building or refurbishment of a property, it is very cost effective to get your home ready for smart technology. With a properly designed centralised cabling system, you can just plug the cable in to the data socket go to the central hub patch it through and that’s it – you’re connected. This same cabling can be utilised for many implementations such as voice, data, video, alarms, CCTV, security access etc.

Why not call us today? We can provide your electrician, drawings and cable specifications so they can be installed, at the first fix stage with all other cables.

Multi-room audio
A multi-room audio system gives you the ultimate in listening power with the ability to choose from six different sound sources, delivering music to up to eight different listening zones in the home.

If you have a hard disc music server, you can also store all of that music in one place, while distributing different selections to different rooms in the house. You can even dock your iPod into your house and use it to select your favourite tunes.

TV & Home Cinema
We have extensive experience in home cinema installation, working with architects, interior designs and tradesman to produce the perfect result. All cables are run within walls and under floorboards avoiding any unsightly wires.The aim of a home cinema system is to reproduce movie theatre quality video and audio in your own home.

Lighting & Heating

Conserve energy and reduce costs without compromising comfort. Dim lights or turn them off automatically when the room is vacant. Install multiple thermostats to create smaller zones for heating and cooling, and create temperature setpoints for simple, yet effective environmental control. Prodigy intelligently manages lighting and temperature in the house to shrink your carbon footprint and your electricity bill.

Security Systems

We provide and install security and access control systems. We install CCTV cameras with digital video recorders in homes and business premises to fulfil a crucial role in both crime prevention and detection. These systems can be accessed over the internet via PC and mobile phone and do not need the use of tapes and need virtually no maintenance.
In the event of an alarm your integrated security system will alert anyone on the premises by sounding a siren and voice status messages over your system's speakers. At the same time your system will notify a central monitoring station, which can then alert the proper authorities to be dispatched to your home.

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