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00353 42 9669 620
Tom Gray
Co. Cavan

About TurboChip Ireland Ltd

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What is chiptuning?
Most modern cars use a computer.
The computer controls among other things: the fuel amount, starting hours, the turboburst and much more.
By changing or adjusting the parameters we can increase the efficiency and the turning-moment for turbo-engines so that you use the motor better.

Advantages of chiptuning

* Optimisied performance
* Less fuel consumpion

How do we do it?
We take the ECU control box out of your vehicle - inside it is a memory chip which controls the information sent to your vehicle engine. We remove the chip and read the information stored on it with a special PC.
We change the parameters on the chip to increase horsepower and reduce fuel consumpion.
We reinstall the chip and replace the ECU in the vehicle and the tuning is completed.

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