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Apropa Machinery Ltd

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Mr Jonathan Borchard
Coburg House
5 Gloucester Road
County Middlesex
TW11 0NS

About Apropa Machinery Ltd

Apropa Machinery offer a range of specialised machines for the building industry ranging from hot wire cutting machinery for producing structural and decorative parts cut from polystyrene to the wrapping, handling and stacking of insulation boards and more.

APROPA MACHINERY have a new range of coating materials and hot wire cutting machinery made by CROMA, which are designed to cut EPS and XPS polystyrene. Many other foams such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene or Rohacel can also be cut by the CROMA range of machinery.

CROMA has over 20 years' of experience in developing computerised foam cutting technology. All the software for cutting, electronics, automation and mechanical aspects of the machines are designed and made 'in house'. Croma are therefore able to supply both standard and customised foam cutting systems that are perfectly suited for your individual requirements.

KOTTMANN are manufacturers of high quality pallatisers, stackers, milling machines and other specialised handling equipment for insulation boards used in the construction industry. They are also world leaders in the production and supply of heat treatment chambers for all types of metals. All types of special machines can be designed and built for your individual requirements with efficiency being our top priority.

DESCO have more than 40 years' experience building plastic film wrapping machines and systems and have gained international acclaim with 60% of their production exported overseas. They specialise in film wrapping machinery for any large product such as insulation materials, foam blocks, furniture etc. With experience gained from having built over 1000 ‘custom-made’ machines, you can count on Desco to provide the first class knowledge and expertise to fulfil your production requirements.

We supply all of the U.K and Ireland

CROMA has developed a range of machinery to produce efficiently, innovative products for the building industry such as interior and exterior architectural parts as well as structural design, EIFS applications, insulation panels and quick and inexpensive pre-cast moulds. Any variety of exciting and creative design concepts: moulds, building facades such as cornices, window and door frames, balustrades, spa saunas and furniture can be fabricated very cheaply and quickly from polystyrene.

 The machines can produce innovative, simple and complex products by using the unique and varied options available:

  • Independent wire axis control
  • Shapeable wire tool
  • Loading conveyors
  • Automatic turntable
  • Horizontal lathe
  • 3D laser scanner
  • Multi wire
  • Automatic wire positioning
  • Multiradius arch builder
  • Trimming frame

All CROMA systems are controlled using their Microsoft Windows based control interface. Brand new, up-to-date software will be released shortly.

 Our coatings can then turn inexpensive polystyrene into high quality products. We can supply a variety of plural-head spray systems for smooth, urethane based, hard, self-leveling coating materials. These have the appearance and durability of moulded or formed plastic.

 A new coating machine enables screeding of straight profiles such as cornices or moulds, with a specially-designed, textured, cement based fine-technical mortar, which adheres straight onto polystyrene. It has the appearance, durability and strength of solid cement. It is also possible to spray this coating using a simple and inexpensive hopper gun.

APROPA can also supply:
  • Heavy duty manual foam cutting tables

  • Recycling units: 'Packing Nuggets' machine and grinder/compactor machine for EPS or XPS. Ideal for waste reduction and a source of revenue as dense scrap can be sold for non foam uses such as CD cases, hangers, plant pots etc.

  • Hand tools for sculpting polystyrene

  • Turn-key CD solution including programmes for cutting mouldings and architectural elements

  • Palletising, stacking, transportation and milling machines for insulation boards

  • Shrink wrapping machinery for boards and large objects

  • Cutting machinery for Rockwall and all other types of insulation material



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