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City Irrigation Ltd

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Chris Frame
Bencewell Granary, Oakley Road
County Kent
England UK
Opening Hours
07:30 am-04:30 pm
07:30 am-04:30 pm

07:30 am-04:30 pm

07:30 am-04:30 pm

07:30 am-04:30 pm

07:30 am-04:30 pm



Other Dates

We are also open Saturday Mornings 9:00am to 12:30pm form March to October

About City Irrigation Ltd

City Irrigation Ltd are one of the largest suppliers of irrigation equipment, water pipe and fittings, pumps, tanks, filtration and other water-related products in the UK. Stocking products from manufacturers including DAB Pumps, Philmac, Plasson, Polypipe, Orbit, Antelco, Hunter, Leaky Pipe, Rainbird, Irritrol, Toro, Netafim, Holman, Geka, Enduramaxx and many other irrigation suppliers.

We also undertake service and installation work in the south and south east.

Some of our products include: MDPE Pipes, PVC Fittings, Valves, Micro Irrigation Fittings, Sprinklers, Pumps, Tanks & Accessories. We also have horticultural products including Wolf Garden Tools, Ground Cover, and Grass Seed.

Pipe and fittings

Pipe and Fittings – we hold stocks of different types of water pipes and fittings in a large range of sizes, which include:

  • PVC pipe

  • PVC fittings

  • Blue and Black MDPE pipe PE80

  • PE100 Water pipe

  • Manifolds, stop tap cambers and tools

  • Plasson Fittings

  • Philmac Fittings

  • Manifolds

  • Valves – including frost-resistant valves

  • Water meters

  • Valve boxes and chambers

  • Land drain

Pipe and fittings

Pumps – we have sold pumps for over 30 years from many manufacturers including: Dab, Caprari, Espa, Lowara, Flygt, Pedrollo, Speed and more.

Some of the pumps we specialise in include:

  • Sump pumps

  • Dirty water and drainage pumps

  • Submersible pressure pumps

  • Well and borehole pumps

  • Vertical pumps

  • Horizontal pumps

  • Pump sets

  • Fire pumps

  • Automatic pressure pumps

  • Variable speed pumps

  • Constant pressure sets

  • Esybox domestic booster pump

  • Booster box

  • Booster sets including pump and tank sets

  • Sewage and macerator pumps

  • Sewage pumping stations

  • Swimming pool pumps

  • Salt water pumps

  • Fountain pumps

  • Pressure vessels

  • Pump control and switchgear

Water Tanks

Tanks – we can supply a large range of tanks, including:

  • Galvanised steel tanks with liners

  • Polyethylene water storage tanks

  • GRP water storage tanks

  • Galvanised allotment tanks

  • Sewage tanks and package pumping stations

  • Rainwater harvesting tanks

  • Sectional tanks

  • Tank liners

Hose, Hose reels and Hose fittings

Irrigation Equipment – although we cover most areas of the water industry, our core business is the supply, service and installation of irrigation and watering systems for sports, landscape and horticultural sites, plus dust-suppression systems for quarries, waste recycling, tarmac and aggregate plants, etc.

Typical types of equipment include:

  • Sprinklers

  • Control systems

  • Hose, hose reels and hose fittings

  • Drip and micro irrigation

  • Leaky pipe

  • Reel irrigators

  • Solenoid valves

  • Pressure regulators

  • Float switches

  • Watering lances and spray guns

  • Fogging systems

  • Fertiliser and chemical injection equipment

Most items are available for overnight delivery or collection.

Trade supplier



We are currently recruiting

We are currently looking to recruit a new service/ installation Engineer. With a customer base covering Landscape, Sports ground, and Horticultural irrigation systems; and commercial Dust Suppression, this position offers varied and interesting work.
Some of the tasks and duties involved with this position are
Servicing and installation of irrigation systems.
Pipe and equipment fitting including PVC, Polythene, steel, valves, sprinklers, irrigation equipment etc
Construction, installation and servicing of water tanks, pumping stations, filters etc
Installation and service of low voltage control systems.
Excavation and ground-works including trenching(usually by machine), mole ploughing and hand digging, for the laying of pipework and cables underground.
Making good of Landscaped and hard works after installation.
Transportation of equipment to and from site using van or vehicle and trailer depending on load.
Ideally applicants will have some experience of this type of work, hold a driving license to drive a vehicle with trailer, and hold a current CSCS card. If not training will be given and certificates can be obtained.
Salary is negotiable depending on experience and includes Bonus, Holidays and Pension
If you are interested in working for City Irrigation Ltd, please send us your CV either in writing or by email to:
Job application
City Irrigation Ltd
Bencewell Granary
Oakley Road
Bromley Common
or email to:
Products & Services

Pressure Vessels

Sumps Pumps


Water Meters




Plasson fittings

Philmac fittings

PE100 pipe

Tank Liners

Galvanised steel tanks

Enduramaxx Tanks

Water Tanks


Pipe fittings

MDPE pipe fittings

MDPE pipe

Dust Control

Dust suppression

PVC Fittings

Irrigation systems

PVC pipe

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