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Isocell offers a wide selection of quality airtight tapes, airtight membranes and other products for achieving air-tightness, wind tightness and rain tightness. All of our products are produced in Europe to the highest standards and in line with European harmonised standards and carry CE markings where the standard exits, contact us today for further information and pricing:
  • Specialised exterior and interior membranes
  • Airtight adhesive tapes & EDPM seals
  • Sealants, Primers & Cleaners
  • Grommets
  • Cellulose insulation & equipment
  • Wind tight roofing & fade membranes
  • Vapour & airtight control layers
  • Window tapes
We offer comprehensive solutions for residential, commercial and public sector builds. We offer solutions for achieving wind and airtightness in block, steel or timber frame. Our products are utilised by some of the leading construction companies across Europe. Small builders and national house builders alike use our products to help them achieve code and produce energy efficient and passive buildings to the highest of standards.

Why Build Tight?

Even when houses are well insulated, up to 40% of energy is lost due to leaks in the building’s external envelope. Cold air penetrates through joints and seams in the form of draughts, forcing your heating system to struggle to maintain a constant level of warmth. A well-installed airtight layer reduces these unwanted draughts and air loss, thus reducing the amount of air you need to heat, which in turn saves energy and produces an environment which can be controlled not only in terms of temperature, but also in regards to ventilation and humidity.

Drafts through every little nook and cranny can have an adverse effect on the comfort of a room. The cold air that is drawn in at leaky or un-tight joints and penetrations is heavier, and moves to the lowest point in the room, that is, the floor. The result is cold feet – an unpleasant sensation of drafts, difficulty in maintaining consistent heat within the room and increased energy usage.

Gaps in outer construction elements have a considerable negative influence on the insulation. An example: if a construction component measuring 1 x 1 metre and 14cm thick has a continuous gap of only one millimetre, the U-value deteriorates from 0.3 to 1.44 W/m2K. This is due to the fact that warm or cold air is escaping through leaks in the building’s envelope, and as it passes through the structure and insulation, it reduces the thermal performance by extracting the stored energy within.

Another aspect of air filtration/ex filtration is the build-up of condensation within the construction element or as in most cases within the insulation that it has passed through, as the air leaves behind the humidity that it carries, this results initially in a deterioration of the U-value (the ability of the insulation to retain hot or cold.) A far greater problem is that this leads to serious damage in the construction if the moisture cannot dry out quickly.

Leaky areas in the internal walls and around penetrations such as pipes, windows and building components are not advantageous to the atmosphere in a room, as dust and fibres from insulation can escape into the internal air. Walls sealed with Isocell products ensure indoor air quality, when properly ventilated, or when functioning air conditioning/heat ventilation recovery systems are used.

Noise finds its way through even the smallest of cracks. Even if the elements surrounding the room have good acoustic insulation, gaps can considerably increase the noise level. With Isocell Airtight Systems you can also solve this problem and keep annoying noises out.

If you have a mechanical air conditioning or ventilation system, your building must be particularly airtight as otherwise the mechanical system will not function properly, and will actually draw in cold or warm air from the outside in a uncontrolled manner, making it very difficult for the system to regulate the internal temperature, thus forcing the system to run at a higher rate in order to compensate for the variances.

Why Isocell Airstop?

Why choose Isocell Airstop?
We have some top notch companies using and recommending our products, here are just a few of the 1000's of companies that use or recommend our products!


ISOCELL is a market leader in the area of airtight tape and airtight products, with decades of hands on experience and development. Isocell is proud to offer one of the widest ranges of airtight products on the market catering for all build types and construction details, including residential, heavy duty public sector and commercial applications.
  • Airtight Tapes
  • Airtight Membranes
  • Windtight Membranes
  • Adhesives Sealants
  • Primers
  • Insulation
  • Machinery
  • Sleeves
  • Seals


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