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Kelly Dodge
9 Lingfield Walk
NN18 9JS

About C R Core Drilling

Over 25 Years Of Experience

Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting is at the heart of our partnership along with providing our clients with Value For Money, A Quality Service and Great Customer Service. For expert Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting get in touch with us today, we are available 24/7 365 days of the year. Located in the heart of Northamptonshire, we predominately work within the Midlands but we offer a Nationwide Service to all.

Holding over 25 years in the industry, C R Core Drilling have an extensive knowledge of the latest products and techniques to complete our client specifications and requirements to the highest standard. Established in 2018, C R Core Drilling have gained an extensive client list from small general builders to some of the leading construction and civil engineering companies within the UK along with direct clients, private house owners and factory owners.

We have invested heavily in the partnership purchasing the latest equipment and in the training of our operatives all of which improves our service to our clients. We understand the nature of timescales for our clients, it is of utter most importance to us that we complete all works within these tight deadlines so as not to hinder continuing operations. At all times taking into account timescales for each part of the operation, the speed at which works can be conducted in a safe, precise and clean manner, the cost of the operations being conducted and the skill levels required to achieve these important aspects. We often work with our clients so that we can provide an alternative more cost effective solutions to their needs saving them both time and money.
  • Reliable Drilling and Concrete Cutting Contractors
  • Fully competent and skilled CSCS operatives
  • Over 25 years in The Construction and Infrastructure Industry
  • A Nationwide Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Deliver workmanship of a high level for every project regardless of size
  • Free No Obligation Quotes with NO Hidden Costs

Diamond Drilling
By using the Diamond Drilling technique we can drill through almost every type of brick, concrete, stone and asphalt etc... It is a relatively quick and clean operation. Drilling can be slowed down by the presence of excessive rebar.

Hand Sawing
The use of hand sawing is an ideal operation to perform when an area needs to be cut that a floor saw or track saw is just not viable. Ideal for use in confined spaces too.

Hand Sawing offers several options from Ring Saw where the blade is open and allows greater depth compared to other hand saws such as solid saws.

Over Drilling
The use of Overdrilling is exactly what its name suggests. It is the process of using a larger size diameter diamond drill bit that is placed over the an area that is slightly smaller and overdrilling to the depth needed to be able to remove the obstruction.

Stitch Drilling
Stitch Drilling is a combination of core holes that are drilled overlapping the previous to form an opening in walls and floors or to separate one structure from another.

Stitch Drilling eliminates limitations caused by other factors such as drill sizes or shapes that need to be removed.

The use of Chasing is an ideal operation to perform when an area needs to be cut but to a limited depth and not penetrate the entire depth. Ideal for use in confined spaces too.

Chasing is conducted using a Chasing machine which can be set to cut at a required depth and width. These are fitted with dust extraction units to prevent the dust particles escaping into the surrounding environment.

Steel Drilling
The use of Steel Drilling is a different process of drilling compared to Diamond and Stitch. The use of a Mag Drill (magnetic) is required with drill bits that are of a different style. The way these drill bit are made and the material they are made from give them the ability to drill through steel RSJs.

Floor Sawing
Floor Sawing is used when large areas of floors need to be removed or repaired along with cutting expansion joints, drainage channels, trenches and numerous other reasons.

Floor Saws use blades that have the ability to cut depths of various dimensions, also allowing for areas of a slab that does not require the entire depth to be removed. Producing uniform cuts both width and depth through various materials such as reinforced concrete and asphalt.

Track Sawing
The use of Track Sawing is an ideal solution when it is necessary to achieve deep saw cuts especially when vertical or horizontal cutting is required through concrete to create stairwells, door ways and windows. As the name suggests a Track Saw operates while being guided by tracks of the length required. This allows for strict precision.


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